Wiz Khalifa and Weed: Where's He Gonna Get Arrested Next?

Busted while blazing ... Again.

Last night, Wiz Khalifa got caught with weed by cops in North Carolina, according to TMZ. Reports claim that police found 11.39 grams of marijuana after searching his tour bus. He was cited and released. However, Khalifa is expected to appear in court at a future date.

But that's not the only legal date on Khalifa's calendar. 'Cause less than two weeks ago, he got pinched for pot while hotboxing a Holiday Inn in Nashville.

Apparently, Wiz decided to smoke up in his room. But other guests weren't so fond of that idea. And the front desk called the police after several complaints. The rap: Misdemeanor marijuana possession.

You can't say he didn't try to avoid trouble, though. After all, Khalifa threw his blunt out the window as soon as the cops made their way into the hotel room, according to The Tennessean. He has until May 14 to visit the courthouse for booking on those charges.

But when and where's Wiz gonna get busted next? Well, he will be making his way down to South Florida on Thursday for SunFest. And considering Snoop Dogg'll also be kickin' it in West Palm, chances are high that the duo's gonna get together to "roll joints bigger than King Kong's fingers."

Very high.

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Nicky Diaz