Will Castro and Unique Autosports: DJ Khaled and Miami's One-Stop Shop for Celebrity Rides

Will Castro and Unique Autosports are both brands in themselves. Unique, once based in New York and now Miami, encompasses a car customization business as well as cable TV titles for the Speed Network and Spike TV. Boasting celebrity clients like Diddy, the cast of the Jersey Shore, 50 Cent, and others, Unique become one of the prime purveyors of pimped out personal vehicles.

Just last week, Will and the Unique team were working on a JL Audio sound system enhancement for DJ Khaled's brand new 2011 Range Rover 2011 Supercharged HSE.

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An excited Khaled picked up his vehicle from Unique's 305 location near the Miami International Airport and he left a happy customer, which seems to be common when dealing with Unique.

The company has been in the customizing business for over twenty years. Will says his big start was when rapper-producer Erick Sermon of legendary hip-hop group EPMD brought his car to the shop years ago back in New York. "Erick Sermon was my first real big client. He went to school with my brother Bobby. And with that first big advance, he bought a 300-Series Mercedes Benz to kinda send a message to Kool Moe Dee, Rakim, and Big Daddy Kane. And we worked on it."

So after doing a little bit of work on Erick Sermon's Mercedes-Benz, Unique scored a good stream of customers. And after working on cars for Busta Rhymes years later, things began to really take off for as celebrity referrals and "co-signs" poured in.

Some of the biggest celebrities, athletes, corporate types, and car enthusiasts have called upon the services of the Unique Autosports team over the years. And again, while the business called New York home in the beginning, Will and team did the Lebron thing and took their talents down south to Miami in 2009.

You can't argue that Miami is definitely a good place to be at right now. The money, the beaches, the hip-hop artists, the video shoots, and now the biggest team in the NBA -- it's all in Miami. People like Miami resident and rapper Fat Joe, who's also New York transplant, would always try and convince Will that this was the place to be. (Fat Joe was also the one who introduced Will to DJ Khaled.) And Will doesn't regret his decision to head south, claiming, "We just picked the right time to be down here. It's been a year and a half, and we're not moving anywhere."

Visit Unique Autosports, 4101 NW 25th St., Miami.

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David "Dro" Rosario