Don't mess with Trina.
Don't mess with Trina.
Photo by George Martinez

Watch Trina Get Into a Fight Outside a Miami Club

Trina has long been the self-proclaimed baddest bitch in the 305. Rumor has it, as a toddler, she once spent six months in timeout. Sure, that's a false rumor we just made up, but the fact remains: Trina is a bad bitch. And you don't earn the title of Miami's baddest bitch without being, well, a bad bitch. 

In case you needed more proof of Trina's status as the baddest — besides her iconic verse in the song "Da Baddest Bitch," in which she threatens to "make him eat it while my period on" — you can watch this video below.

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Though it's quick and without much context, the video occurs outside of Justin's Bar & Lounge in Kendall, where Trina was performing. The video appears to show Trina handling an unruly male who, according to TMZ, was kicked off her party bus.

She's diplomatic at first, urging the unidentified male to go home before things get out of hand. But he doesn't listen, and when Trina corners him at the entrance, he appears to reach out to grab her. That's when the Miami bass queen starts swinging and voices get raised. The man scurries out of frame and away from, what one can assume, would be a severe whooping. The video cuts off with security doing its best to maintain order. 

TMZ claims it has confirmed the video with Trina's reps, though an email to the rapper's camp from New Times went unreturned. She hasn't posted anything about the altercation on social media either. Though she did post an article on Facebook four hours ago called "Science Tells Us Why Girl's Nipples Get Hard."

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