Uncle Luke Drops New Booty Banger: "What the South Has Been Waiting For"

The timing? Perfect.

Happy hour at the strip club was starting to feel like a XXX version of Bill Murray's Groundhog Day. It's the same three songs over and over and over again.

We've already experienced how every "big booty ho" works the pole to 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song," and know how much better lap dances feel when the DJ drops "Fucking Problems."

What we really want, damn it, is more booty! And only one man's music can truly make a woman "bust it wide open." His name is Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell, and his new single is called "What The South Has Been Waiting For."

"Bend over let me see what you're working with," Luke bellows on the electro-booty banger, a response to his female duet partner's remark: "I think my butt's getting big."

Midway through the track, Luke choreographs a dance that explicitly reveals what, in fact, the woman is "working with."

First, she has to "touch her toes" and "twerk, twerk" it to the left cheek. Then, she "point[s] it down, to the right cheek, [and] swat[s] that thing out."

The inspection is then followed by a silent booty dance, "Don't say nothing, put it in motion," Luke says. "Drop it to the ground."

But as we all know far too well, ass-clapping comes with a price.

"What The South Has Been Waiting For" isn't just another strip-club anthem; it's a reminder to "drop that cash."

You can purchase a digital download of Uncle Luke's "What The South Has Been Waiting For" at his website.

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