Trick ain't doing good.EXPAND
Trick ain't doing good.
Photo by Alex Markow

Trick Daddy Lost His Damn Mind During a Facebook Live Video This Morning

One of the most recent posts on Trick Daddy's Twitter feed is a retweet of @SquashBeef305. The Tweet promotes a Miami conflict resolution hotline.

"…The media promotes violence but not #StopTheViolence. It's up 2 us," it reads. But this morning, nobody needed some conflict resolution counseling more than Trick, which was evident after his intensely vile Facebook live rant started circulating online.

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The rant is confusing, and Trick hasn't offered any additional explanations. Emails from New Times to Trick Daddy's management went unreturned, and whoever answered the phone number listed on his Facebook page quickly hung up when New Times asked for a comment.

Without a response from the man himself, we're left to fill in the gaps.

Here's what's definitely true: Trick Daddy was mad, violently so. At who, exactly, remains unclear. It appears that, during his Facebook live video, an unknown woman posted something in the comments that set Trick off, and that's when things get weird — and very uncomfortable.

Trick launched into a tirade that lasted over two minutes, in which he lets loose a series of threats against the anonymous commenter: "I'll spit in your face when I see you, bitch," and, "Tell that bitch to keep my name out your mouth, bitch, before I stick a pistol in your mouth, pussy ass hoe," and, "Bitch I will bust your head and your nigga head wide open, pussy ass bitch," and, "I will pull your lace wig off and drag your raggedy ass, bitch."

During the boiling point of the video, after he threatens to spit on this women the next time he sees her, Trick actually rears back and spits directly into his phone multiple times. 

Twitter has naturally been having its fun with the incident, churning out memes and taking the piss out of Trick's more bizarre insults ("Suck my dick from the back so when your jaw gets tired you can kiss my ass, bitch), but the video itself is less of a giggle-fest when you consider the fact that you're watching Trick Daddy make physical threat after physical threat to a female. And judging by his demeanor, he'd be more than happy to actually carry out these threats if given the opportunity.

Needless to say, it's not the message the hip-hop community — especially young Miamians who look up to Trick — need to be hearing.

The last time we saw Trick Daddy was during his odd concert at Churchill's, which lasted less than 30 minutes. He's popped up here and there throughout the last couple years. Not too long ago we found out he was trying to launch his own line of spices. And in April 2014 he was arrested in Miramar for possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of ammunition by a felon, possession of cocaine, and driving with a suspended license.

Trick Daddy has remained quiet since the video, but, wherever he is, we hope he's calmed the fuck down. 

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