North Miami's Zillion Dolla Man says, "I'm the 1,008 gram boy, I'm really from the street. I'm really still doin' it, just trying to make my music so I can leave it all behind. They requesting me all the time on 90.7; that's an underground station. My first record I bought was JT Money, from then it was Trick, after that I was like, Hey I can do this myself. I'm puttin' up the money and the efforts for everything so for now I be my own manager."

The Zillion Dolla Man is Coming Up From the Underground, Slangin' North Miami Heat

"The game ain't got no zillionaire rappas, they got millionaires and billionaires. I been had the name Z from the streets, so from that I got Zillion Dolla Man, cause I really do get money. I record at Black and Maestro studios then mix and master at Audio Vision. I got no help, I need help to put me out there. What I know is how to make the music, but it's time to put it out there. I got a group too, called A.V.E. but for now I'm rollin solo. My producer and engineer Black, he one of the best in Miami, he worked with Juvenile, Trick, Ball Greezy."

Log on to http://www.myspace.com/thezilliondollaman for more info.

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