The Six Ravers You Meet on EDM-Date.com

You know that feel when you're at the rave get-down all by yourself and everyone around you has a spirit-hooded cuddle buddy? Big room drops just aren't the same without someone to love, but never fear, edm-date.com is here!

The sweet kandi gods of love did smile upon thee with this dating website designed to bring you closer to your "Clarity," your "Cinema," your perfect raver dreamboat. Whether you're looking for a man or a woman, a straight, a gay, a curious, a trance family member, a dubstep diva or even a hopeful producer wanna-be, edm-date.com can make your beat match happen, no train wrecks allowed.

Just don't search for a male ages 25 to 35 in Florida interested in "blog house." No such user exists.

The Nice-Guy Graying Veteran

So, he's a little older, but that just means he's ready for real connections. It's not weird being a 30-something guy at a rave surrounded by fucked up 19-year-olds in nothing but tutus and fluffies. You could keep barking up those young, frisky fratty trees, or you could turn to a real father figure. This model comes with added bonus bedtime stories of ye olde "back in my day."

The Mixed-Signals Mama

This charming lady is not looking for a hook-up. She's searching for that real love. But then it gets kind of confusing, because she posts a pic of herself face down ass up. Why are you wearing so little but looking for so much? Apparently, someone has not yet learned that looking for love in the club is like looking for a contact in a kiddy pool; you can do it, but you're probably going to catch something.

The Trance Twink

This fresh-faced cutie is down for whatever. He loves all kinds of people and all kinds of music, and he's definitely green-lit on Grindr. He likes to keep his vibes positive, but here's to hoping he's negative everywhere else. Even if you're a straight male looking for Ms. Right, you want the trance twink around. Hot girls are fly to trance twinks like rollers to finger gloves.

The Edm Snob

Hahaha, we just thought this was too funny. Sorry gals, it's not the real EDM Snob, but someone did make a profile for him. In reality, "super fit" might be a bit overzealous, and we happen to know the supposed "social smoker" hates cigarettes. But he is out here in Miami, so girls, hit the streets.

The Young Fratty Hearthrob

This guy loves the ladies and he loves to party, so if you're a party-down girl, this guy is on the hunt for you. He plays it straight and lays it all out. A night hanging with him will include marijuana smoke and beer games. We're going to go ahead and say he's only interested if you're willing to put out. He has a reputation to uphold at the house, after all. Must be cool with brostep, tank tops and dick pics.

The Still Mixin' Vixen

She's been going out to raves for years and still hasn't found the right raver, but she doesn't give up hope. Afterall, 30 is the new 20, and these baby bitches ain't got shit on her playlist. Now that dance music is back in style, it's time to hit the dance floor and give it another go or maybe even learn to let loose for the first time. Perhaps a child has slowed her down, but that doesn't mean she still can't dance all night with Mr. Right.

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