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Ten Sweet and Sleazy Rock Star Sex Stories

The Grand Funk Railroad song "We're an American Band" opens with the lines: "Out on the road for forty days/Last night in Little Rock, put me in a haze/Sweet, sweet Connie was doin' her act/She had the whole show and that's a natural fact." A still-active, over-50 groupie, Sweet Connie...
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The Grand Funk Railroad song "We're an American Band" opens with the lines: "Out on the road for forty days/Last night in Little Rock, put me in a haze/Sweet, sweet Connie was doin' her act/She had the whole show and that's a natural fact."

A still-active, over-50 groupie, Sweet Connie Hamzy has sucked up (and swallowed) everybody from the Rolling Stones to Slipknot, and all their roadies, managers, and guitar techs, too. Now in honor of Ms. Hamzy's dedication to the game and keeping it real, Crossfade presents a list of ten sweet and sleazy rock star sex stories.

Be sure to leave a comment if you know of (or were a part of) a better one.

10. Nico

Nico was a German musician, model, actress, and junkie goth chick who was down with Warhol's factory. She had sex with lots of rock star types, including Lou Reed (Velvet Underground), Brian Jones (Rolling Stones), Jackson Browne, Iggy Pop, and Jim Morrison (The Doors). Supposedly, Morrisson "tried to kill her during a sex magick ritual, which she claimed to have enjoyed immensely." Source: The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People.

9. Nikki Six

The Mötley Crüe guitar player made a bet with drummer Tommy Lee about who could go the longest without any showering, bathing, or personal hygiene and still bone groupies without them getting sick or leaving. After two months of doing shows and banging hos, Nikki was getting head from a groupie who got sick and puked all over his crotch. To make it even worse, she threw up undigested spaghetti noodles that got glued up in his pubes. Sixx immediately called Tommy Lee into the room and it became known as The Spaghetti Incident, later the name for a Guns N' Roses album. Source: Rock Star Babylon.

8. Dee Dee Ramone

During a European tour stop in Germany, the Ramones were hanging out, drinking, smoking herb, and partying with underage girls. Dee Dee was both a gentleman and a scumbag about the situation. He said, "Within minutes, I had a young babe in a miniskirt sitting on my knee and rubbing her private parts on my leg. 'I want you so bad Dee Dee,' she whispered to me then, kissing my lips. "Do you like to fuck?" she said. "Do you like me? Yes, please. And my sister, she likes you too, very much. She gives great head. Do you want us both?" By the time we left the dressing room two hours later, there were forty-four empty bottles of beer and seven empty wine bottles, trashed on the floor, but no empty condom wrappers. Everyone in our party is married or in a long-term relationship. But there's no harm in accepting a blow job once in a while, and that's not cheating for the guy." Source: Legend of a Rock Star: A Memoir.

7. Steven Adler

He was the drummer for Guns N' Roses from 1985 to 1990 and he lived the life of a wild man. One day, Adler hired a scumbag named Rocko as his assistant. He writes, "Cops had come pounding on the door. They had obtained a warrant and searched my house. When I asked why, I was horrified by the explanation. My ex-assistant, Rocko the pervert. This terminal whack job, who had tried to videotape unsuspecting people in my bathroom through a hole in the celing, had just been arrested for suspicion of murder. What the fuck? Apparently, he was kidnapping girls, drugging them, and then videotaping the unconscious victims in various positions and sex acts. They raided his home and found dozens of videotapes containg the graphic rape footage. They also found pictures of my ex-girl Analise and my mom Deanna. Rocko had been spying on us and taking pictures the whole time he had been staying with me." Source: My Appetite For Destruction.

6. Neil Diamond

In the words of Sweet Connie Hamzy, the aforementioned famous groupie from Little Rock, Arkansas: "So

I'm out on the tour bus, smokin' dope and blowing roadies, and who comes into the back lounge?  Neil

fucking Diamond. Neil looks me up and down and nods

his approval, then he gets high with us and disappears

backstage. A few minutes later, his manager says he wants to see me in

his dressing room. So I knock on the door, and there's Neil waiting for

me in a blue robe. And I didn't just suck him -- there was fucking too." Source: The Oldest Living Confederate Groupie Tells All.

5. Tupac

In the words of former bodyguard Frank Alexander: "I couldn't count the number of hoochies Pac slept with while I was working with him. I don't have enough fingers and toes, because it would have to be in the three digits. Suffice it to say, if you were a groupie and you wanted a piece of Pac, chances are, you'd get it. He didn't dissappoint many fans. Every single video we worked on, he fucked many women on the set. He fucked the extras, the leads, you name it. And we did a lot of videos. As far as movies, it's the same story. In Italy, he fucked three women over there. On the "How Do U Want It" video, he fucked women all that day, and then he had a sex party the last night. Ron Hightower, the porn director, threw an afterparty that was really an orgy. He snuck out under a table and went to the party, he didn't want any security that night. Suge, Norris, Roy -- shit, nearly every Death Row employee -- called me that night looking for him. I knew where he was, and it looked as if he had company, so to speak." Source: Got Your Back -- Protecting Tupac In The World of Gangsta Rap.

4. Billie Holiday

One of the greatest jazz singers ever was living the rock 'n' roll lifestyle of sex, drugs, and more sex before Elvis Presley ever even shook his shit. Here's what Holiday's friend Carl had to say about her sex life: "You know, it's really funny, there's all these stories about what a fabulous lay Lady was, and about these parties where she got involved with her dog Mister, all these stories about Lady having abnormal sex. Like soixante-neuf (69) was a byword with her. But actually Lady was a straight up and down sex lover. Like, she said to me once, 'Carl, you know all these fancy guys with all that fancy head, doing all that fancy stuff,' she said, 'I don't really go for head all that much. I like good old fashioned sex. I'm one of those women that likes to fuck. But I'll be goddamned if that Stump wasn't a bitch.' Big Stump had the greatest head in the world until she met Willie Cook, the trumpet player out of Duke Ellington's band. She had a short run with Willie. He wasn't really her man -- he never went into a club and collected her money for her -- and John Levy told Willie Cook to jump out a window when he came back to get her in San Francisco, just before they got arrested. But Willie was little and cute and he played a lot of horn and he was a dope fiend, so they had a lot in common. And she used to like to dress him up like a mother would, in $300 suits like he'd never had before. She used to say, I'll be goddamned if that Willie's head wasn't something else. He has the fastest tongue in the world." Source: Billie Holiday -- Wishing on the Moon.

3. Led Zeppelin

If you've ever heard a crazy sex story about groupies involving a fish, then it came from an incident involving Led Zeppelin, a band called Vanilla Fudge, the city of Seattle, an 8mm film camera, and a girl who liked being tied up during sex. Here's how one book describes the event: "The notorious shark episode happened in Seattle at the Edgewater Hotel, where the band was holed up. The hotel sits right on Puget Sound, and the hotel used to loan the rod and reel to the guests so they could fish out their window. Bonham was fishing out of his hotel window the day before and had caught some red snappers and mud sharks. After the show, the band had been drinking with members of Vanilla Fudge and a groupie. According to legend, the girl was tied naked to a bed and had unspeakable things done to her with a sharks nose during an orgy of lust, which was only a little exaggerated. Robert Plant confirmed that the groupie enjoyed the entire shark affair. 'She loved it. She was not complaining whatsoever. She got up, thanked everyone very much, and that was it.'" Source: Whole Lotta Led - Our Flight With Led Zeppelin.

2. Jimi Hendrix

Besides taking the electric guitar to soaring new levels of musicianship and virtuosity, Hendrix was a groupie magnet. Part of his legend was created from a session with the Plaster Casters, a couple of devoted female fans who created molds of famous dicks. According to author Jerry Hopkins: "Two young groupies waited for Jimi outside the Chicago Opera House, then followed him to his hotel between shows and enthusiastically introduced themselves. 'Hi, we're the Plaster Casters,' the older one said, 'and we're here to make a plaster cast of your rig.' 'Rig' was British slang for penis, and the girls knew that Jimi knew that. He stopped near the hotel elevators and smiled down at the girls. 'My rig?' Jimi laughed. 'Well, yes, if you don't mind.' The older girl, Cynthia, twenty-one, nodded to her companion, Diane, who was seventeen and the daughter of a policeman. 'We have all the equipment here. It won't hurt and it'll only take a few minutes of your time.' 'You want to make a plaster cast of my cock?' Jimi asked. 'Like a statue? A plaster statue?' The girls bobbed their heads. Jimi laughed again. 'How you gonna do that, darlin'?' The older girl actually blushed when she said, 'Well the first thing we have to do is get your rig hard.' Jimi roared with laughter now and said, 'Right on! Come on up to the room.'" Source: The Jimi Hendrix experience.

1. Nazril Ariel

Nazril is the lead singer of Indonesian rock band Peterpan and the star -- alongside TV personalities Luna Maya, 26, and Cut Tari, 32 -- of the country's first celebrity sex tape scandal. The country's ban on pornography has led to legal action against Ariel and his co-stars after the movies went viral via an internet leak. Nazril surrendered to police after they named him a suspect in violation of the anti-pornography law. He could face a 12-year jail sentence. The President of the country is using the case to promote stronger controls over the internet. Source: Hindustan Times.

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