Ten Miami Hip-Hop DJs You Should Know in 2017

On January 20, DJs paid homage to their compadres around the world with energetic, amplified mixes in honor of National DJ Appreciation Day. The role of a disc jockey has become more intricate and coveted than ever before, especially in the digital arena, where music connoisseurs can learn Serato and dub themselves world-renowned DJs in less than a day. In hip-hop, a real DJ has the power to control the room with mind-altering selections, break rising artists with a game-changing record, and/or convince the audience their selections are the hottest songs ever.

In Miami, DJs have blessed the airwaves for years. There's no comparing the careers of revered celebrities like Mr. Mixx of 2 Live Crew, skilled boom-bap curator DJ Heron, and De La Soul's DJ Maseo, who has lived and performed in South Florida for over a decade. Before he evolved from a radio jock into a global phenomenon, DJ Khaled began by breaking records on Mixx 96; he moved on to become the voice of 99 JAMZ alongside a slew of local mixers like DJ Nasty (305), DJ Epps, DJ Irie, DJ Entice, and DJ EFN, whose Drink Champs podcast features legendary hip-hop artists from around the country.

As we get settled into 2017, there's a handful of seasoned DJs who are finally starting to reap the benefits of their struggles. At the same time, there's a new generation, and it's time you know who they are.

Don't wait for the Global Spin Awards to tell you who's hot and who's not. Here are ten Miami hip-hop DJs who are planning valuable moves.
1. DJ Lucky C
DJ Lucky C has been making his name known since the Jam Squad arrived on South Florida’s hip-hop scene. As one of G5’s valuable DJs, Lucky C spreads music from Miami’s rising stars like Sam Sneak and Zoey Dollaz. He’s also hosted several projects from Dade County rappers such as Miami Tip. Since joining 99 JAMZ before the end of 2016, the Shoneville DJ has strengthened his dedication to breaking new music from South Florida’s hard-working artists. With seven installments of his GroundWork Season mixtape series under his belt. plus the recent launch of his new app, it’s safe to say that DJ Lucky C is one to watch in 2017.
2. DJ Smokey
Over the years, DJ Smokey has loyally served Miami's Poe Boy Music Group as the go-to mixer. Within the last year or so, Smokey has evolved from a trusted jock for his label mate Billy Blue into a curator of the new wave of Miami hip-hop. He has collaborated with some of Dade’s prominent lyricists — from Zoey Dollaz to Ice Billion Berg. In the new year, Smokey will continue to break records on Strong Arm Radio, and pop up around Wynwood, downtown Miami, and South Beach.
3. DJ Hercules
Hercules knows how to get any party started. Since her days on Owl Radio at FAU, the Broward native has been keeping the airwaves hot with her soulful Caribbean mixes and epic throwback playlists. After graduation, Hercules moved on to become the first female mixer at 99 JAMZ; she has been turning up the heat with her weekly Ultimate Midday Mixes ever since. You can usually find her at venues like Brick in Wynwood and Sparez bowling ally in Davie. This year, she'll spin at corporate events like the grand opening of a Nike store in Miami Beach. Catch her hosting this exclusive freestyle alongside Supa Cindy with Ball Greezy, the Step Sisters, Kiddo Marv, and more.
4. Stevie J
If you’ve ever partied at LIV in Miami Beach, then you already know Stevie J. He’s the man posted up at the DJ booth with close friends like Lil Wayne, Fabolous, and a crew of other rappers. Every weekend for the last decade, Stevie J has played both locally and around the country. After starting on 103.5 the Beat, the Miami resident has dropped two major singles in the last year, “Heard Ah That” with Migos and “It Only Happens in Miami” featuring Young Dolph, Zoey Dollaz, and Trick Daddy. While he may be wrapping up his forthcoming album, the word on the street is he’s also set to make an appearance in a reality show  soon. By the end of 2017, people around the country won’t be asking, "Who Is Stevie J?"
5. DJ E Feezy
As a nationally renowned heavy hitter, DJ E Feezy has made a career out of breaking records and keeping the crowd turnt with every mix. After jumping from station to station across the Southeast, E Feezy finally landed in Miami in 2010 and worked his way to the top. The Cleveland native made his permanent stamp on Miami hip-hop when he dropped The Wolf of South Beach mixtape back in 2015. Since then, he’s cooked up tracks of his own like “Got Me Crazy (No Better Love)” featuring Rick Ross, K. Michelle, and Fabolous and “Look At Yo B*tch” with Migos. With a Global Spin Award nomination for “Best Mix Show” under his belt, plus more music on the way, it’s clear that E Feezy is destined for one hell of a year in 2017.
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Tony M. Centeno
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