Spam Allstars Release Trippy New "Agua de Poço" Music Vid

Download "Agua de Poço" for free from spamallstars.bandcamp.com.

It is rare. But now and again, mystics and other wanderers will stumble upon a hidden place where the water is naturally sweetened by psychotropic substances. These are Mother Nature's fonts of inspiration.

Normally, you'd only find such secret spots amid the deepest recesses of the rainforest or high atop a mountain in some unmapped part of the planet. But apparently, DJ Le Spam and crew have discovered a sweetwater well right here in the middle of Miami.

Want proof? Just take a sip of Spam Allstars' "Agua de Poço" ("Water From the Well") and its accompanying music vid.

Directed and animated by local video artist Juan Maristany, this kaleidoscopic cut-and-paste clip is a blissed-out, four-minute-and-36-second trip, all set to sounds of the first single off the Allstars' forthcoming (though "yet to be titled) sixth album.

The song was recorded at City of Progress in North Miami (presumably the location of that secret psychotropic sweetwater well) by a pretty massive party of mystics and other wanderers, including Le Spam on bass, keys, and beats as well as AJ Hill and Steve Welsh on sax, Mercedes Abal on flute, Chad Bernstein on trombone, Ted Zimmerman on trumpet, and Adam Zimmon laying down some axe -- plus special guest players Michel Fragoso, Brian Robertson, Albert Menedez, Roosevelt Collier, and Papa Malike Faye.

With that many sippin' some agua, let's hope the poço hasn't run dry. 'Cause Crossfade wants another shot.

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