Space Miami's 15th Anniversary With Erick Morillo, “Who Helped Start It All”

Miami nightclubs aren’t known for their longevity. Usually a glossy, expensive party palace or trendy underground venue will open to huge hype, do solid business for a year or two, struggle for a similar stretch of time, and then close, suddenly, while clubbers shrug to show their lack of surprise.

Still, there are those rare clubs that somehow beat the odds, like Space Miami. Opened in 2000, the NE 14th Street warehouse-turned-megaclub was that decade’s hottest spot. And yet in the 15 years since the first night, it hasn’t fallen victim to the passing of trends or the slow decline that so often leads to the inevitable demise of a once-thriving nightclub.

Instead, Space has become a Miami nightlife institution, the only remnant of downtown’s early-2000s club boom, an absolute afterhours mainstay, and an acknowledged international mecca for dance music. There have certainly been changes and dark days. But in its 15th year, even as other longtime area venues like Mekka close and the Miami Worldcenter threatens the entire downtown nightlife district, this club remains one of the most popular and profitable in America, banking $15 million a year while never compromising its dedication to simple, solid house and techno. Considering that unwavering commitment to house heads, techno fans, and its own vision for the dance scene, it’s no surprise that Space has announced “we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of Club Space with one of the major talents who helped us start it all — Erick Morillo!”

The longtime Space regular will headline a roster of club favorites — ALX, Allan Gallego, Radamas, and Erwin — for the official party on Saturday, June 13.

“As the founder and head of Subliminal Records, Erick's amazing and storied career has propelled him to the stratosphere, making him one of the first house music superstars on the planet,” the Space team writes in its announcement.

“His marathon performances on our Terrace soon became the stuff of legend.”

So expect another late, legendary night. But after 15 years of Space, that should be obvious.

Space Miami’s 15th Anniversary. With Erick Morillo, ALX, Allan Gallego, Radamas, and Erwin. 11 p.m. Saturday, June 13, at Space, 34 NE 11th St., Miami; 305-375-0001; Tickets cost $25 to $30 plus fees via Ages 21 and up.
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S. Pajot