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South Beach's Five Best Bars

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South Beach likes to think she real fancy.

Everyone's always talking about the megaclubs and the expensive cars. But there's just as much world-class bar action to be had, no fancy shoes required.

Whether you're looking for cheap drinks with a bit of billiards, a hip place to catch a good show, or simply chasing a damn fine cocktail ... Here are South Beach's five best bars.

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5. Purdy Lounge

People who love Purdy, really love Purdy. It's like some weird booze-soaked home for certain people. Maybe that's because, tucked off the Washington Avenue strip, it's a step away from the obvious. Maybe it's the great nights they've hosted throughout the years. Or maybe it's the comfy couches and cozy atmosphere. Far from tasteless but never pretentious, Purdy Lounge is open to serve you till 5 a.m., seven nights a week. The joint pairs a more-than-decent drink menu with a history of great entertainment. So really, it all just makes sense.

4. Kill Your Idol

This boozing spot welcomes all kinds: punks, hipsters, gays, straights, artists, even the yuppies wouldn't be chased out. It's not an especially large space, and yet Kill Your Idol still makes room for karaoke, DJs, bands, drag performances, and anything else that could be considered fun. The place has even got a jukebox, so you know it's cool. The full bar offers with moderately priced drinks, but non-smokers will have to share the room with those who partake. Still worth it.

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3. The Room

Looking for an intimate place to sneak away? Well, it's not very secret, but the Room is snug, and dark. Don't expect anything flashier than classic pub style. This place is literally a room with just a few tables, but it saved all the wiggle room for a great selection of beer. There's always something new to try thanks to a revolving menu, and the moderate drink prices are a nice alternative to the spot's clubbing neighbors. After 11 years, they recently did away with smoking inside, which is cause for celebration in such closed-quarter. If you've got a couple good friends you don't mind sitting close to lookin' for a quality drink, this is as good as it gets.

2. Mac's Club Deuce

Surfside hotels and DJs be damned, one of the hottest spots on SoBe is still keepin' shit nasty with cheap beer, neon lights, pool tables, and a jukebox. The liquor is stiff, the character is strong, and you don't have to be some foreign bank executive to feel like your special. Of course, if you are wearing thousand dollar shoes, this might not be your scene. It's a true red-blooded dive bar, and it's a gem in a posh landscape like SoBe. Florida is nothing without her laidback, slightly tacky classics, and the welcoming atmosphere of Club Deuce is a crowd pleaser with any group that knows how to keep it real.

1. Broken Shaker

If you want your bar to be loud with rock music and a sticky floor, that's one thing. But if you want a bar that comes with a swimming pool, a garden lounge, ping pong tables, and some of the best hand-crafted cocktails around, Broken Shaker is the only choice. Parking is a definite bitch, but this spot in the back of The Freehand Miami Hotel packs so much charm, it's kind of overwhelming. The actual bar is quite adorably quaint and has a certain rustic feel despite being surrounded by blatant tropical paradise. Pair that with good grooves, and you've got the kind of place people will rave about.

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