Six Career Phases of the Incredible Transforming Mr. C, Playing Treehouse Sunday

Few artists on the international EDM scene have undergone as many career permutations as UK veteran Richard West, AKA Mr. C. The guy is a veritable chameleon. And over the course of three decades, he's shifted gears numerous times.

Today, Mr. C remains a force to be reckoned with. You can catch him DJing year-round at global hotspots from Los Angeles to Ibiza. And as a producer, he's still breaking ground with solo releases and as one half of the Sycophant Slags with Adultnapper.

He will be throwing down for LINK's summer sessions closing party at Treehouse this Sunday. In the meantime, brush up on the man's fascinating career with Crossfade's look at the six career phases of the incredible, transforming Mr. C.

1. Pioneering MC

West was possibly the first white British rapper. Back in the late '80s, he got his start rapping and MCing with seminal underground London acts like Ron Tom, Jasper the Vinyl Junkie, and Jazzy M. Later, he would hook up with the legendary DJ Colin Faver, a regular  on the then-illegal Kiss FM radio. And he would also lay down vocals for his first record with tech-house pioneer "Evil Eddie" Richards as Myster-E.

2. Pop Sensation

West's rapping skills wouldn't keep him off the mainstream radar for long, though. In 1990, he joined the chart-topping UK rave-pop outfit The Shamen, whose smash-hit "Ebeneezer Goode" kicked up controversy for its thinly disguised promotion of drug use. The song's refrain "ezer goode, ezer goode" sounds a lot like "E's are good". Needless to say, The Shamen were all the rage with the UK rave kids.

3. Nightlife Impresario

In 1995, Mr. C would open the now-legendary End club in London, a haven for cutting-edge EDM for over a decade until its close in 2009. The club is remembered for its cast of famous resident DJs, with Fatboy Slim, Roni Size and Layo & Bushwacka all having presided there at one point or another.

4. A&R Mastermind

As chief of the Plink Plonk, End, and Seprfreq imprints, Mr. C's influence as A&R tastemaker has gone far and wide. And among the countless cutting-edge acts on his rosters, he counts contributions by international heavyweights like Derrick Carter, Robert Owens, and Eddie Richards.

5. Production Powerhouse

Mr. C's innovative vision as a producer can't be overstated. In the '90s, he helped pioneer the tech-house sound that rules the EDM scene today. But perhaps most important is his continuing commitment to pushing the sonic envelope with studio projects like the Sycophant Slags.

6. Globe-Trotting DJ

Miami alone gets to see Mr. C spinning for WMC and Miami Music Week parties like Sunday School and Get Lost. But his Superfreq parties have become a global phenomenon as well. And they keep him busy all year playing for the jetset at clubbing meccas like London's Fabric and Ibiza's DC10.

Mr. C. Sunday, September 11. Treehouse, 323 23 St., Miami Beach. Call 305-674-7447 or visit treehousemiami.com.

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