Rolling Stone Names Electric Pickle, LIV as Best Dance Clubs in U.S.

Miami may be lacking a lot of things, but great dance clubs is definitely not one of them.

And it's not only us that thinks so -- Rolling Stone agrees!

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This summer, the music/pop culture magazine has been profiling "Venues That Rock." This week Rolling Stone revealed its list for best dance clubs in the U.S. And before you think this is just an arbitrary list pulled out of their collective ass, the magazine polled 23 industry insiders -- from DJs to managers -- about their favorite venues. Voters include Steve Angello, Seth Troxler, Carl Cox, Dillon Francis, Tom Windish, Matt Colon, and Steve Goodgold -- a pretty well-rounded group of people if you ask us.

Two Miami venues landed on the top ten list, and they couldn't be any more different; an awesome juxtaposition of everything Miami's nightlife has to offer. Flashy and fancy LIV comes in at number two, which is no surprise. The venue is every DJ's fantasy. Models and bottles are the norm, and the deck setup makes anyone behind it feel like a god.

But the list also includes Miami's truly underground electronic music venue, the Electric Pickle at at number eight. This place couldn't be any more different from LIV, with an amazing sound system that's the envy of every other spot in Miami, and a weekly lineup of bubbling-up dance music superstars.

When we texted co-owner Tomas Hussain Ceddia for comment, he responded with, "Wow, thanks Rolling Stone. Not sure who decides these things, but that's fucking fantastic!"

Fantastic indeed.

In case you are wondering who came out on top, Beta in Denver took the honors. We don't disagree, but we have beaches, so we win times infinity.

Still, there are a few other awesome Miami venues we think could have landed on this list. Just off the top of our heads: Treehouse, Grand Central, Space, Story, and Mansion totally kick dance music ass every week. But maybe we're just a little bit biased.

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