Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" Is About Rape and Seven Other Songs You Misunderstood

Robin Thicke is making a ton of money off his collaboration with Pharrell and T.I. titled "Blurred Lines," but have you ever bothered to consider what that song is about?

Well, the more we think about it, the more we think he's talking about date rape. "Just let me liberate you," Thicke coos, as if some woman telling him "no" isn't really what she wants. He knows you want it, so why are you fighting him?

That, added with the fact that the music video is completely misogynist, objectifying naked women while fully-clothed men walk around a bunch of balloons that tell us Thicke has a big dick. It's no wonder the Daily Beast, Wall Street Journal, and more were outraged enough to write whole editorials on rape culture and our totally "Blurred Lines" of acceptance.

But this isn't really a new issue. America is always falling in love with songs without ever having an idea what they're about. Don't believe us? See if you knew what these other seven songs were about all along. We'll bet a couple will surprise you.

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