Raheem DeVaughn on R&B in 2014: "It's Up to Us to Keep It Alive and Fresh"

When Raheem Devaughn sings, panties get wet.

That's probably why he's been featured on songs by everyone from Ghostface Killah to The Roots.

The Grammy-nominated artist has also cracked the pop charts with his own albums and singles, including "Guess Who Loves You More," "Woman," and "Customer." He's an R&B vocalist in the great tradition of Sam Cooke, and he's coming to the Overtown Music & Arts Festival to perform for the community for free. Here's what he had to say about business, pleasure, and giving back.

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Crossfade: What is your history with Miami?

Raheem DeVaughn: Not too much of a history. I've been coming for the last ten or 15 years to hang out, perform, and party. But the live music scene has always been kind of weird. I hope to create new fans in the years that follow.

Who are some artists that influenced you?

Marvin Gaye and Tupac.

How did you start your radio show?

I started the radio show as a private investor and shareholder in the company to create a platform for my peers that may not get the radio play that they deserve.

Did you know that Sam Cooke recorded his album Live at the Harlem Square" right where you're going to be performing in Overtown?

No, I didn't know that! But that makes it even more interesting to know the history and culture of where I will be performing. I love all the old artists. Definitely. I mean, Sam Cooke was dope.

I was just vibing because one of his daughters and his grandson are lobbying against the fact that companies don't wanna pay out digital royalties for artists and work from before 1972. They stripped them out of 90 percent of digital royalties that are paid on behalf of Sam Cooke to his grandson, which is how they keep his legacy alive through the estate.

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