Rachel Goodrich's Thugnificent "Light Bulb" Video One of the Year's Best, Says IFC

It's no surprise that Surfer Blood is racking up the end-of-the-year listicle awards. But every now and then a curveball is thrown into the mix. This year's odd pick: Rachel Goodrich's "Light Bulb" snagging a place on IFC's Best Music Videos of 2010 list.

Considering the video has probably never aired on television and Goodrich remains as underground as you can get, this pick is pretty random. Nevertheless, Brandon Kim writes: "Its awesome juxtaposition of Goodrich's whimsical song with Miami thug life easily makes it one of the best videos of the year in my book."

Let's also remember that while Goodrich's thug-centric video is now being pushed by her PR machine (we've received numerous press releases touting it as the official video), the video actually took second place at Sweat Records' competition. We felt director Lucas Leyva was cheated, so we gave him a Best of Miami award to right the wrong. (Our sources told us at the time that it was thought the video would turn off Goodrich's potential fanbase.)

Congrats to Leyva and Goodrich for the honor. And thank you, IFC, for giving us a reason to repost the video.

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