Don't feel bad for Poorgrrrl.
Don't feel bad for Poorgrrrl.
Photo by Devin Christopher

Poorgrrrl Invites You to a Pitiparti With Her New EP

If you thought Tara Long's music-cum-performance-art-project Poorgrrrl was just a temporary thing, Long is back to prove you wrong.

Not that she ever really went away. After a buzzy — and busy — Art Basel this past December, Long opened for rising queer rapper Le1f at Bardot back in March along with Junglepussy. And now, after much delay, her first EP, Pitiparti, is out on the Milan-based Parachute Records. Long credits former local DJ Uchi, who recently transplanted to Berlin, as the reason Poorgrrrl and Parachute came together.

"[Uchi] was eating shit with a friend who was looking for a rapper in Miami, and she was like, 'You should listen to this,'" Long says. "She showed them our record, and apparently there was this awkward moment in Italy where a few people started to listen to this record. They kept trying to listen to it and were saying, 'What is this? But we really like it.' Eventually, they got my email and hit me about wanting to release it."

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While not a major label, Parachute still has some heft behind it. As an imprint of DJ Tennis' Life and Death label — which has released music by underground dance forces like Tale of Us, Thugfucker, Mind Against, PillowTalk, and more — it focuses on music that is a bit more experimental and avant-garde. Considering the response Poorgrrrl has gotten so far — from the head-scratching WTFs to acerbic Reddit threads — it seems like a good fit.

Poorgrrrl performs onstage.
Poorgrrrl performs onstage.
Photo by Sarah Moody

Not that Long is letting the haters get to her. In fact, she has a troll tattoo on her forearm just for them. To her, the hate is "interesting."

"I don't care in that this is my work and it's sincere, and [producer Andrew Byrd and I] work really hard on it. It doesn't really matter. I'm going to keep doing this. I think it's important to get a reaction, whether it's positive or negative."

With Pitiparti being released on a European label, though, Long might reach an audience that gets what Poorgrrrl is about.

"I think Europe might take to [Poorgrrrl] a little better than America... They seem to be pretty chill and at least think it's funny."

Those who have been following Poorgrrrl from the start might be disappointed to find out that Pitiparti brings no new music. The EP includes four previously released tracks in “Errrrrrrrrrrrrror,” “We Trashy,” “Super Rude," and "The BluèzZz... rn." The upside is they have all been remastered, polishing the tracks' rougher edges without killing what made Long and Byrd's sound work in the first place.

Long says she's hoping to get Pitiparti, which is being released on vinyl and cassette, in local stores like Sweat Records and Radio-Active Records soon, and a new video for "The BluèzZz... rn" will also be released. Long and Byrd are also working hard on a full-length Poorgrrrl album, which she hopes to get out before the year wraps up.

"It's weird to me that I've made a lot of work, and this is something that wasn't really in the forefront as a career. It's really funny that the thing I was doing for fun and as a release became the one thing in my life that was serious and a possibility for a career."

Pitiparti is available now through Parachute Records and for download and streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and Beatport.

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