Pac Div Smoked Out EVE Miami, April 13

Pac Div

Featuring Johnny Polygon

Eve, Downtown Miami

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Better Than: Watching Three Musketeers, Three Stooges, and Three Amigos.

Descending from atop of the stairs, the three California dudes (Mibbs, Like, and BeYoung), who make up Pac Div, headed toward the EVE stage as they gave daps and pounds. Then the crew got the intimate crowd warmed up with GMB's "Intro" and Mibbs' verse off "Top Down."

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Though Florida may be slow with progressive marijuana laws, what would make anyone think three guys from Cali wouldn't light up? With weed smoke in the air, the trio didn't shy away from to passing blunts back and fourth as Mibbs recited, "I only puff kush, I only fuck the bad ones," from "Take Me High" off their Mania! mixtape.

After "Shine" and then "Debo," during which Mibbs and BeYoung proceeded

to exchange bars and Like took to rhyming his "Superman" verse acapella, Pac

proceeded to bounce up and down while slowly rolling their arms with the crowd and pointing at one another, asking, "You might run for mayor?" from 2009's "Mayor."

Running through eight tracks back to back, the humidity got to them. So the Div dudes asked fans for advice on how to cool down. Ice House beer? Cool Ranch Doritos? Neither, because the crew needed to be cooler than 2011's "Anti-Freeze."

But as they started with the hook, water from one of their bottles bounced onto the DJ's computer and a fuse blew.

It took several minutes, numerous requests for iPods, and one request for a hair dryer from tourmate Johnny Polygon. But once the soaked gear was dry, Pac Div picked up with a renewed energy as they closed out their set with the Blended Babies-produced "Posted."

"Laid low, in the cut, lamped up, posted."

"Posted, posted, posted ..."

Critic's Notebook

I Spy: A five-foot-nothing blonde girl rocking a flower-print skirt with no panties, bending over on purpose.

Wish List: "Don't Forget The Swishers" and "Black Acura."

Personal Bias: Too short of a setlist.

-- Lee Castro

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