MP3 of the Day: "Bump Datt" by Yakuillasin

You've heard the haters' standard bitch: "Man, the rap game these days ain't nothin' but a lobotomized, blinged-out, corporate pimp." And while that's true to a certain extent, hip-hop in the late aughts is anything but a bag of boring, homogenized bullshit. For every one-dimensional gangsta rap retread, you've got a Nintendo-obsessed hipster hopper, or a Tao-infused backpacker, or even some lyrically deranged, schizophrenic superstar like Lil' Wayne. Basically, the rap world's infested with weirdoes. Just look around ...

And, for one creeping through our own backyard, meet the modestly odd Yakuillasin, a.k.a. YK.SIN, a Pasadena transplant who sounds sorta like the perpetually drunk test-tube baby of ODB, Kool Keith, and the Insane Clown Posse. Earlier this year, he gave us a 19-track opus entitled The Darker Side Of Light, featuring nuggets of certified strange such as "Count Drunkula," "Lethal Injection," and today's free MP3, "Bump Datt." Alternately hyper-violent, horny, dumb, dorky, and funny, YK.SIN keeps it street while also messing with rock riffs, sci-fi sound effects, and rubber ducky squeaks. He's even got his own YouTube video series, Yakuillavizion, typified by this hater-baiting, nuclear apocalypse-themed episode wherein the Yak asks: "Will you witness the rebirth of hip-hop, or continue to dance in the flames?"

MP3: Yakuillasin - "Bump Datt"

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.