Miami's 50 Best Bands of All Time

Pop that pussy. Rhythm is gonna get you. Shake that booty. Now mosh, pogo, and headbang.

From 2 Live Crew, Miami Sound Machine, KC and the Sunshine Band to Harry Pussy, Load,

and Charlie Pickett, we here at Crossfade have compiled Miami's 50 best bands of all time.

Just check the cut for the complete list.

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Miami's 50 Best Bands of All Time

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50. Scraping Teeth

49. Frank Williams & The Rocketeers

48. Iko Iko

47. Awesome New Republic

46. Miami Bass Warriors

45. Nuclear Valdez

44. The Goods

43. Locos Por Juana

42. Cynic

41. Avenue D

40. The Agency

39. Pygmy

38. Suénalo

37. Triple C's

36. The Crumbs

35. Quit

34. Young and Restless

33. The Reactions

32. Afrobeta

31. Cavity

30. Holy Terrors

29. Clay D & The Get Funky Crew

28. Laundry Room Squelchers

27. ¡Mayday!

26. Poison the Well

25. Critical Mass

24. Phoenicia

23. The Dogs

22. Chickenhead

21. Floor

20. Buckwheat Boyz

19. The Mavericks

18. Against All Authority

17. T-Connection

16. The Eat

15. Jacuzzi Boys

14. Gucci Crew II

13. Charlie Pickett and The Eggs

12. L'Trimm

11. To Live and Shave in L.A.

10. Murk


8. Exposé

7. Poison Clan

6. Load

5. KC and the Sunshine Band

4. Sam & Dave

3. Harry Pussy

2. Miami Sound Machine

1. 2 Live Crew

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