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Machine Gun Kelly and Waka Flocka's "Wild Boy" Shouts Out Kurt Cobain and Dragon Ball Z

Sniff. Sniff. Is that Nirvana? No, it's probably just Machine Gun Kelly's dank stash. And that shit has rowdy-ass white boys 'round greater Cleveland yelling, "Cobain's back!," on the 2:55 mark of his latest collaboration with Waka Flocka Flame.

Rap Radar posted MGK's swagged-out track, "Wild Boy", at around midnight last night and we've been blasting that shit since we stumbled upon it shortly thereafter. And no, it's not because we're huge MGK fans. We're just trying to make sense of it all, yo.

Bad Boy Records' latest acquisition, 21-year old Richard Colson Baker Machine Gun Kelly, is a crazy motherfucker. He's the type of gangster that'll fuck your shopping trip up with a Twitter-fueled flash mob and cause a ruckus outside Macy's. Evidently, he's also a fan of early '90s grunge music.

Machine Gun Kelly ft Waka Flocka - Wild Boy (Dirty) by badboyrecords

"Cobain's back, Cobain's back/Got these crazy white boys yelling 'Cobain's back," he raps. "I call my weed Nirvana/Smells like teen spirit/And my pack's so fucking loud you can't hear it."

We're not even sure what that means. But it sounds dope. As does the "Yeah bitch, call me Steve-O" line, and the one about Cowboys and Indians. "We got baseball bats like the Indians, and my team pop off like Cowboys."

But our favorite lyrical riff is Waka Flocka's ode to Dragon Ball Z.

"Suck my dragon balls, bitch, call me Goku."

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