LeBron James Hosting Trilogy Party at Mansion October 29

LeBron James has been pretty vocal about his infatuation with his new home. He has tweeted his admiration for Barton G, his attendance at the recent Drake concert, and even gave a little love to Booker T. Washington High School. We should have known from the moment he said he would join the Miami Heat on "South Beach," that his love affair with Miami would not be solely based on basketball.

But despite several months of Down South residency, LeBron had failed to do one very important thing.

The thing that drives tourist into a frenzy, makes people spew out money in hopes of bottles and models, and makes groupies whistle with joy. Until now, LeBron has failed put his face on a party flyer. But alas, Miami, the day has come! On Friday, October 29, LeBron James Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh will host "Trilogy" at Mansion Nightclub.

A trilogy with no threesome? That's kind of a There is only one person on this flyer: a watermarked, mirrored image of LeBron biting his lip and staring into the distance. Deep stuff.

And yes, the date (October 29) is indeed the night of the home season opener against the Orlando Magic. As if the pre-game block party hoopla wasn't enough, now the Heat have to win for the sake of the big three's afterparty! Not all the Heat love is lost though, as the team's resident DJ Irie will be handling the decks that night. General admission pre-sale tickets are $40 via Since this party is "A-list," it's probably best to buy a ticket in advance to secure enterance. Unless, of course, you plan on hanging around in next to nothing by the back door.

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Liana Lozada