House Music Is Alive and Well at the Beach Tonight

Miami's true house music aficionados need not be reminded that South Beach is, for the most part, the last place one goes to find quality underground dance music. With the exception of a few sporadic misplaced bookings here and there, venturing east over the causeway means entering a wasteland of top 40 radio pollution and tacky commercial pop-house cacophony. But tonight, as fate would have it, there are two redeeming parties going down that will be showcasing some of our finest local exponents of authentic deep and soulful house music, and since our locals don't get nearly enough love on Crossfade, I felt I needed to give them a shout-out today.

Retox Wednesdays at Blue is SoBe's best-kept secret and it's about time they get the credit they're due for playing what is simply the best underground house music in South Florida on Wednesday nights. The brother/sister DJ duo of Baby Sean and Inbal have been running this night for a couple years now and have featured some stellar guest appearances by the likes of Christian Martin, Vincenzo, and Sunshine Jones. Baby Sean and Inbal will be keeping the deep vibe alive tonight, as they do every week, along with special guest DJ Carlos Ortez. With no cover, 2 for 1 drink specials, and the chill intimate ambiance of this cozy Espanola Way lounge, this is the ideal weeknight setting for your house music fix.

Retox at Blue. Wednesday, November 11, 10 p.m. - 5 a.m. 222 Espanola Way, Miami Beach.  

(786) Wednesdays at Purdy is hosted every week by DJs Ray Milian, Joshy Josh, and DJPJ and usually features a debonair open format of electro, disco-house, indie rock and miscellaneous funky goodies. Tonight they've invited the boys of Boogie (DJs Strickly B and Will Renuart) onboard for a special house-intensive late-night session. Alot of you may know the phenomenal duo as the resident DJs at Electric Pickle, where they consistently bang out the finest sexy deep house and funked-up tech house every week. With no cover, cheap drinks, and its crowd of friendly locals, this party is guaranteed to make you hate yourself tomorrow morning when you stumble into work still wasted and going on 2 hours of sleep, cause there was no way you were gonna quit early!

(786) at Purdy. Wednesday, November 11, 10 p.m.-5 a.m. 1811 Sunset Harbor Dr, Miami Beach.

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Sean Levisman