Golddust Lounge's Russel Mofsky Talks Wynwood Bootleg and The Future

Just about every Wynwoood Art Walk for the last three years, Russel Mofsky and his Golddust Lounge have posted up outside of the Harold Golen Gallery on NW 2nd Ave at 23rd street and rocked out.

They've played hundreds of thousands of notes to (almost) just as many ears, and recently dropped a new album called Wynwood Bootleg.

We talked to Mofsky about field recordings, earning fans on the streets of Miami, and upcoming gigs.

Crossfade: Yo how long have you been playing out there for art walk?

Mofsky: 3 years now, weather permitting

How did Wynwood Bootleg come about?

Sometime last year we started recording most of our shows and we just happened to get a really good serendipitous take. We had a great night that November 12th. The stars lined up in Wynwood on my birthday, and we knew we had to release it. There're cars, and sirens, us talking to each other, and I think that we all kind of like that it's like a pure document of that moment.

What influences the band?

We combine influences. We love music, and just sound also, like field recordings. We recorded an acoustic rehearsal last week at this house in Miami shores and you can hear the crickets and the wind blowing. We're really excited about recording au natural here in Florida

You get a good response the way you're doing it..

We've had good luck, and earned a big fanbase. It's been different growing in the street rather than in the nightclub

On the Ground with Gold Dust Lounge - Official Trailer from Goodtastic Productions on Vimeo.

What's coming up for the Golddust Lounge?

We're about to play this festival called Hukilau for the second time, it's kinda genre specific, like Tiki Exotica Surf Rock. We've been asked to be the official house band for the Aqua Art Fair during Art Basel week. We've got a show coming up at the Corning Museum of Glass in Upstate New York, and we've got a woman in Boston putting together a ten day tour for us in May. We've also got the Heineken Transatlantic Fest, and it's all been as a result of this cd, we officially released it in January at Bardot

You also have a weekly gig down here right?

Yeah, every Friday at The Standard for happy hour. It's gonna change very soon with the time change. Their happy hour follows the sunset year round so just look it up. We also do every other Sunday at Tap 42 in Ft Lauderdale.

Who's in the band right now?

Me, Stephen Watt, Chris DeAngelis, Brian Tate, and James Quinlan.

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