Fox's Sherron Inn to Close on July 31

Fox's Sherron Inn to Close on July 31

Eater Miami is reporting that the beloved, and nearly 70-year-old South Miami lounge, Fox's Sherron Inn, will close at the end of July due to construction for a possible hotel. 

With its dim lighting and strong drinks, Fox's was beloved by nearly everyone who walked through its doors and plopped down in its soft red booths. The lounge appealed to both the old school Miami crowd as well as the trendy and hip. True patrons would head over to Fox's any day of the week — not only to grab a drink and have a smoke outside, but for the homestyle cooking and the familiar faces. It wasn't uncommon for guests to drive up and park on the rocky gravel and notice a friend perched by the railing with a drink in hand and a cigarette in the other. 

In May 2010, Venezuelan businessman Rene Dahdah bought Fox's, becoming only the second owner of the bar and restaurant since Harry S. Truman was president.

With the recent closing of Tobacco Road, Fox's end marks yet another Miami institution to fall victim to rising rent and creeping construction. 

Fox's Lounge was really a bar where "the locals go" — now, South Miamians are going to have to make their way over to Seven Seas and pray no one wants to build a hotel by a gas station on the edge of the Gables. 

See our interview with the owner: "Fox's Sherron Inn Closing: It's Sad But It's a Reality."

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