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Flo Rida Passes Paternity Test, Clears Up Child Support Baby Mama Drama

Flo Rida is not the baby daddy.

Long before being ordered by Florida's Department of Revenue to pay child support to a woman named Gloria Holloway for her 2-year-old son, the 33-year-old rapper was saying nuh uh.

And now Mr. Rida's got paper proof.

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-Flo Rida Baby Mama Drama, Ordered to Pay Child Support by State of Florida

Way back in July 2011, Flo (born Tramar Dillard) claimed to have passed a paternity test, insisting he could not have fathered the kid.

However, Holloway's lawyer, Damon McDougal, said he'd never seen the document. "I really do feel," McDougal told TMZ, "that the only way we are going to get a reliable paternity test is going to be within the confines of some sort of court order."

Finally, though (after two years of waiting on the results, apparently), Rida delivered some DNA analysis that seems to clear up this whole child-support, baby-mama drama.

The rapper's legal team tells TMZ that this new evidence will soon be filed with the State of Florida in an attempt to prevent Holloway from getting any of Flo's money.

"Flo Rida is absolutely not the father of the child," lawyer Sandy Berger says, "and does not expect to hear anything else on the subject."

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