Fall Out Boy Frontman Patrick Stump's Solo Project Sucks as Bad as His YouTube Channel

Remember Fall Out Boy, that quartet of silly midwestern emo dudes who shoved power chords down our throats in the early 2000s?

Well, they're on an indefinite hiatus. (Blame it on Ashley "Yoko" Simpson.) But their longtime chubby frontman, Patrick Stump, has a solo album due out this summer, and he's ready to explode.

No, that wasn't a fat joke. He's actually lost some weight. "Explode" is the name of the first single off his debut solo album, Soul Punk.

And yesterday, via the appropriately titled PatrickStump YouTube channel, the 27-year old pop rocker dropped a video for the track. 

Sorry, we should've warned you that it was a terrible song, and that the video was nothing more than stock footage of explosions inside static all-caps title text that reads "EXPLODE."

There couldn't be anything worse... Or could there? The answer is yes. Just check out some of Patrick Stump's other YouTube videos.

Here's Pat butchering Michael Jackson while wearing a tuxedo:

Then there's Pat butchering John Legend and Andre 3000's "Green Light" while wearing a tuxedo:

Here's a medley of Grammy-nomiated songs that Stump performed in front of a webcam while wearing a bow tie:

Thanks for the memories, Pat!

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