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Dude Skywalker Invites You to Party at Sunday Side Up at Wynwood Diner

Sitting outside of Panther Coffee in Wynwood, Fabio Galarce and Alex Borges, two-thirds of the DJ collective Dude Skywalker, are really excited to talk about their new party.

"This is the first time we've ever taken a weekly endeavor," says Galarce.

The Miami natives are both Florida State University graduates who cut their teeth in the Tallahassee college party scene throwing weekly parties (aptly named Wasted Wednesdays) before returning south to try and conquer their hometown as young adults. In 2012 they came together, along with Sam Plessett, to form Dude Skywalker. They DJed everywhere and anywhere, quickly climbing up the Miami nightlife scene. And after a string of successful EPs and regular sets at clubs like Bardot and the Electric Pickle, everyone finally took notice, including New Times.

But now that they've proven themselves capable behind the decks, Galarce and Borges want to show Miami they are also serious party purveyors. 

Under their Deep Playa label, they started throwing parties, including the monthly Bolero Ball at Electric Pickle. But according to them, committing to a weekly event is a whole other thing. They felt like the timing needed to be right and the venue had to provide them the freedom to execute their vision.

"In college we were all frat boys, so we were throwing parties like crazy," Galarce says. "This isn't much different, now that I think about it, except that it's a little more sophisticated."
That maturation has led to Sunday Side Up, a new weekly party in Wynwood Diner's outdoor patio. It starts out in the late afternoon — perfect for those still recovering from raging all morning at Space — and eases into a midnight conclusion so partygoers are still able to go to work Monday without a hangover.

But the thing that really sets the party apart is how Galarce and Borge are bringing together the city's underground dance cliques under one party banner. From Safe to Link Miami Rebels and Un_Mute, the duo says they are highlighting the best of Miami's dance scene regardless of their affiliation.

"One of the things we want to prove with this party is that the talent is already here," Galarce explains. "We are in the era of, 'Who's the headliner?' There is so much local talent — DJs, producers — and what we've done, which is a bit unprecedented, is we are showcasing everyone in Miami from every major underground club."
That local approach harkens back to '90s and early 2000s Miami clubland, when people went out not because so-and-so was in town to spin, but because the party itself was the main draw. That sort of mentality died out after 2010 with the rise of big-room house and superstar DJs.

While Galarce and Borges admit they will book a visiting DJ when the opportunity arises, the main focus of Sunday Side Up will also be the made-in-Miami talent. They have been able to get a wide variety of locals like Diego Andres (Safe), Lazaro Casanova (petFood/Murk), Ms. Mada (Link Miami Rebels), Baez (Bespoke Musik), and Laura of Miami (Klangbox) to sign up for deck duties this summer. The only condition? They keep it honest and play the kind of music they enjoy.

"We don't give the DJs any direction on what to play." Galarce admits, though, there is one unspoken rule: "No commercial dance music."

Sunday Side Up with Dude Skywalker and friends. Every Sunday 6 p.m. to midnight. Wynwood Diner, 2601 NW Second Ave., Miami; wynwooddiner.com; 305-747-7888.
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