DJ Khaled Unveils New Single With Drake

Six days ago, the unstoppable DJ Khaled shared a short video of himself sitting on a throne next to an actual lion, asking someone behind the camera, "Did the Drake vocals get in yet?"

They did, apparently, and then Khaled informed the camera that Major Key, his upcoming debut release on Epic Records, was coming.

Still, we had questions. What Drake vocals? Was Khaled planning a Drake collaboration? Who was this lion? And what kind of grossly irresponsible wildlife expert allowed an alpha predator to be in such proximity to a man as delicious looking as DJ Khaled? He literally bastes himself in cocoa butter each morning. 

But now we have answers. First off, thankfully Khaled was not eaten. And secondly, those Drake vocals were indeed for a song. It's called "For Free" and it debuted today on Beats1 Radio.

The single is not available for streaming yet, but it is floating around in some dark corners of the web already, and we've embedded it bellow. (Fair warning: it'll probably be taken down very soon).

Khaled's had one hell of a year. He parlayed his sizable Snapchat following into a lucrative merchandise business. He's on tour right now with Beyoncé (he adorably told the New York Times that he's scared to talk to her). You can read all about it in our DJ Khaled cover story. And now Khaled has once again managed to convince the biggest rapper alive to spit on one of his tracks.

Khaled and Drake have a long history with each other that extends back to Drake's days with the Cash Money crew. Previously, the two have collaborated on "No New Friends" and "I'm On One," among other projects. Listen to their most recent effort below, while you still can. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.