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Blurr Weekly Brings Rock and Cheap Drinks to Wynwood's Brick House: "There's Been a Void"

Burn down the disco, hang the blessed DJ.

For too long, those classic indie, Brit pop, post-punk tunes, from the Smiths to the Kinks to the Strokes, have been conspicuously absent from the downtown Miami soundtrack.

"Not a lot of bars are playing this stuff that we all used to dance to. There's kind of been a void, especially with the Vagabond gone," says SuperMarket Creative head Michelle Leshem, referring to the recently shuttered NE 14th Street hangout. "We thought this is definitely something that can fill that void."

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To that end, Leshem and SuperMarket recently launched Blurr, a weekly so-called "guys' night" at Wynwood's Brick House, where both ladies and fellas drink as much as they can from 9 p.m. to midnight while dancing to the best rock of the last four decades. Also expect flip cup, beer pong, and your own personal cup that never stays dry.

"We wanted to create something different in the hood, because you've got a lot of ladies nights that are already taking place, and we thought, Well, let's not leave the guys out of it," Leshem says.

Among Blurr's signatures is the "sink or swim cup" promotion, which allows a lady to drop $10 and a guy to spend $15 for the privilege of consuming as many well cocktails as their stomachs can hold.

Other boozy deals include Sailor Jerry and Jack Daniels cocktails for $5. There's also the solid Brick House craft beer list, ranging in price from $3 to $7. And anyone who arrives early can enjoy "happiest hour" at the bar, where pretty much everything is 50-percent off.

And hello, the music is going to be great. Every week, special guest scenesters with hella good taste will get their chance to curate personal playlists while resident DJ Joshy Josh slays the decks, joined by a rotating cast of sidekick jocks.

"There's not going to be too many rules as far as the direction of music," Joshy says, "as long as everybody's having a blast and it fits into that mold of what they consider good and what I consider good.

"The Miami scene has been built around that music, from Revolver, where I had my first residency, to Poplife and all those kinds of parties. There's not really anything doing rock and punk right now. So hopefully, we're gonna get a lot of those people that loved those times to come through."

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Blurr. With Joshey Josh and Maurice Blitz.Thursday, August 28. Brick House, 187 NW 28 St., Miami. No cover. All-you-can-drink well cocktails from 9 p.m. till midnight, $10 for ladies and $15 for guys. Call 305-456-2629 or visit facebook.com/BrickHouseMIA.

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