Edilberto "Eddy" Morillo, lead singer of Bachaco, rocks a recent show at Virginia Key Park.
Edilberto "Eddy" Morillo, lead singer of Bachaco, rocks a recent show at Virginia Key Park.
Photo by Eliane Mayer

Bachaco on Hard Rock Residency: "It Really Solidifies Our Work Out There"

This year is turning out to be one big fiesta for Bachaco. Miami’s beloved Latin groove band recently turned 10 years old, and the remainder of 2017 is shaping up to be as spicy as the group's name. (Fun fact: A bachaco is an ant that indigenous Venezuelans use to make hot sauce.)

Perhaps the biggest news is that the band recently signed on for a residency at the Hard Rock Café at Bayside. The band will begin rocking the downtown Miami venue the first Wednesday of every month beginning September 6.

“The Hard Rock is such a renowned venue with international name recognition," lead singer Edilberto "Eddy" Morrillo says. "For Bachaco to be associated with a brand like that, it really solidifies our work out there."

And, indeed, Bachaco has been putting in the work. Formed in 2007, the band has performed more than 300 shows and festivals in Canada, Argentina, and points in between. Late last year, Bachaco went on a cross-country American tour.

“We were in a couple smaller towns in Oregon, like Lincoln City and Hood River," Morillo says. "It’s mind-blowing to us that a band from Miami can get crowds like we did and a following out there. Sure, they were smaller clubs, but we had some curious people that had never listened to Latino reggae... and they all ended up dancing and having a good time.”

If you’ve been a horrible South Floridian and have never been to a Bachaco show, its music is Latin-inspired reggae-rock at its finest. Take a dash of traditional Colombian cumbia, add a little jazziness and energy no Red Bull could ever possibly generate, and you have Bachaco.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until September to catch the band live. Bachaco will play the Dancing in the Streets festival in Stuart August 19.

The band's self-titled debut album dropped in 2012. It's now working on its second full-length. “We have 20 or so songs ready for an album and a good backlog of music to put out," Morrillo says. "In the past, we were focused a lot on touring... We spent ten years traveling throughout the country. While we’re going to continue touring a bit, we’re now more focused than ever on new material.”

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