Another Craigslist Musician Ad Roundup

It's time for another roundup of the fruits of lurking on Craigslist's South Florida musician ads. As always, bands, if you're looking to fill up a lineup and want an extra shout-out for your ad, e-mail me here. -- Arielle Castillo

*Whoa, yet another sludge metal band seems to be starting.... This one's looking for a bassist in West Palm Beach, so I guess it's not the same one that was looking for a singer in Delray Beach last week. South Florida is really going through a slow-moving epidemic of metal-loving stoners starting swampy, slow bands. Bring it on!

*Speaking of band-type epidemics... Remember last week, a faux Beatles setup was looking for a Ringo? A different one in Boca is looking for a Paul McCartney.

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*A roots reggae band with the super-rootsy name -- Radio Babylon -- seeks horns, vocals, and percussion. What's dubious, however, are some of the influences listed -- Sublime, Rx Bandits, Slightly Stoopid, and Pepper. Roots? ORLY? Well, there will always be plenty of gigs for these generally reggae types of bands on the Broward County cover-bar circuit. They'd have to compete Fourth Dimension, however, for the most lucrative ones. Good luck...

*How's this for genre-specificness: in West Palm, there's a lonely punk rock surf singer looking for a band.

*Holy crap: these people need a drummer for something reminiscent of the "great organ trios" such as Tony Williams Lifetime and Medeski, Martin, and Wood. Seeing that the influences listed include Zappa, King Crimson, and Floyd, that drummer better have pretty good stamina, 'cause those jam sessions are unlikely to ever end. However, the Hammond organ is certainly something that is being sorely underused in the current music climate.

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