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An Open Letter to Fleet Foxes, Love Crossfade

Dear Fleet Foxes,

Thanks for letting us download "Helplessness Blues," the title track off your upcoming album dropping on May 3, for free. If the song is any indication as to how the rest of the record's going to sound, the almost three-year gap between your self-titled debut and Helplessness Blues was well worth the wait. But we do have a small bone to pick, Foxes, and it involves your upcoming tour.

We couldn't help but notice that Miami was left off the North American schedule. In fact, y'all forgot about Florida entirely. It's a common mistake indie acts make, one we're pretty used to by now. However, Crossfade wants to change indie music's perception of Miami-Dade County in an effort to attract more acts to the Magic City.

We know Miami is far from everywhere. That's a fact. And for bands on a tight schedule (or with limited funds), driving six hours south in one direction for a show may seem like a logistical nightmare. But we really appreciate your folksy brand down here. Just last year, for example, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros played three consecutive nights in South Florida, and Iron and Wine recently played a 19-song set at the Fillmore.

While the Miami music scene continues to be littered with electro scum and Top 40 bullshit, the city's undergoing a refreshing cultural awakening. The type of uprising that welcomes bands like Fleet Foxes onto its team, and willingly shells out the price of admission for a night of "baroque harmonic pop jams."

We hope y'all will think of Miami in the future.

Very truly yours,


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Victor Gonzalez
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