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Alyx Ander Mixes Business and Music With Panache

After trading in frigid New York winters for sweltering Miami summers, Alyx Ander has found that the switch agrees with him — and his music career.

“The overall vibe of the city is just a happy place to be,” the artist and musical curator says. “That really lends itself... to allowing [artists] to create. When I’m at my happiest, I’m probably creating my best stuff.”

As evidenced by the recent success of his hit song "Casually," which he wrote with Redondo and features Maria Z, the theory holds true. "Casually" was produced in conjunction with Spinnin’ Records, one of the world’s leading dance-music labels. Ander is changing the way the world views electronic and dance music by mixing unconventional beats and rhythms to create unexpected textures.

The Queens native has drawn inspiration from performers such as Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, and Mark Ronson, crossover artists who are also invested in merging diverse audio spheres to create works that occupy a new space in the music world. “I’m not trapped in a box,” he says of his versatility as an artist, and much of that flexibility comes from his experiences in Miami and his educational background in business.

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After graduating from New York’s LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts as a vocal major, Ander moved to South Florida, where he studied music business at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music. Fostering a connection between his interest in business and production, he's been able to further develop his professional repertoire by serving as musical director for 1 Hotels, which has a location in South Beach. In this role, Ander is responsible for curating and booking the hotels’ musical talent, which helps to create the space’s “overall audio vibe.”

“Having to curate the music and book different bands and different DJs kind of allows me to not just be in the artist mindset every single time,” he says. “I have to think what is X customer or X guest going to like.” Beyond honing his business skills through this work, this professional mix helps his music career because it keeps him in touch with various genres and styles.

Now that his music is gaining considerable international attention, Ander finds himself traveling more frequently. However, no place has held his interest quite like Miami. He is a fan of the city’s multicultural atmosphere and local venues such as Ball & Chain. He believes the city is a valuable home base for artists and performers because of the constant influx of different perspectives and tastes. “I can’t imagine myself living anywhere else,” he says.

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