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Photo courtesy of Sakaya Kitchen

Sakaya Kitchen

Sakaya Kitchen serves a concise menu of casual Asian/Southeast Asian fare such as Filipino egg rolls, Japanese miso soup, Vietnamese bao (steamed buns), and a predominance of Korean street foods such as kimchees, bulgogi wraps, and spicy chicken wings. Natural meat, poultry, and seafoods are used, as are organic dairy and produce, some of which comes from local farms. All menu items are made from scratch, including the curing of meats, pickling of vegetables, and preparation of ssams, ssamjangs, and such. As with many of today's new fast foods, the cooking process tends to be really slow. And in the case of Sakaya, the results are consistently delectable — don't miss those pork buns or the bulgogi ssam wrap. There's a cool selection of sakes, indoor/outdoor seating, and a friendly vibe. Insider tip: Grab a pint of Sakaya's own beer. Comfortably Numb is a collaboration between chef/owner Richard Hales and Wynwood Brewing Company. The beer is a 5 percent ABV American blonde ale infused with fresh ginger, Tianjin chili, and Sichuan pepper flowers. The tap handle bears an image of Hales wearing a general's uniform in an elaborate gilt frame — a playful nod to the portraits of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris on the walls of the chef's restaurant Blackbrick.