Photo by Deyson Rodriguez

Monty's Raw Bar

You haven't lived in Miami until you've spent an afternoon sucking down Pain Removers while gazing at a cotton-candy sunset at Monty's. The Coconut Grove institution has seen a half-century of Miamians flock to the dockside restaurant for happy hour and tropical vistas. But no trip to Monty's is complete without a round of Pain Removers — the bar's version of the Painkiller, a tiki cocktail trademarked by Pusser's Rum Ltd. in the 1970s. Besides the name tweak, not much differentiates the Remover from the 'Killer. Both are made with island rum, pineapple juice, OJ, and coconut cream, and both can be prepared in "strengths" that vary the rum-to-juice ratio. Pair the sweet, strong cocktail with a dozen oysters and watch the boats come in.

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