Wynwood Walls to Pay Tribute to Tony Goldman During Art Basel

Wynwood Walls, the fascinating "outdoor museum" imagined into reality by the late Tony Goldman, will honor the visionary with its Art Basel program this year, entitled "Come and Dream." A host of new elements, including a new exhibition of works, the debut of an augmented reality application, and a new Shepard Fairey mural, all aim to both pay tribute to Goldman as well as inspire a new generation of creative thinkers.

Goldman, the restauranteur and real estate visionary responsible for much of Wynwood's development, passed away in September, leaving behind a thriving art community eager to carry on his vision.

"A lot of what has happened in this city can be attributed to him," said Jessica Goldman-Srebnick, Tony Goldman's daughter and close working partner for nearly two decades. "Art Basel, and art itself, is something that he was extremely passionate about. We felt it very important to take that torch and keep it burning bright."

Under the direction of Goldman-Srebnick, CEO of Goldman Properties, and Meghan Coleman, the company's arts manager, Wynwood Walls' new program will be officially unveiled during Art Basel. Here, a quick rundown of what to anticipate at the Walls come December:

New Shepard Fairey Mural
Fairey's current mural has become a fixture within Wynwood Walls for the past three years. Plans were already in the works to create a new one, Goldman-Srebnick explained, but following Goldman's passing she asked Fairey if he might incorporate an image of Goldman into the new piece.

"He was delighted about the idea," she said. "In a way, my dad will be overseeing the neighborhood... it will be very powerful," she said. "And for people that didn't know him, I think that they will ask questions, which will bring his ideas, life, and work to new people."

Exhibition of Works: Time Evaporates, Emotion Elevates
The new exhibition of commissioned works entitled Time Evaporates, Emotion Elevates will be a major cornerstone of the "Come and Dream" program, Srebnick said. Installed within the new Nicewalk Gallery space, the exhibition will feature lenticular lightbox paintings by selected artists of the Wynwoods Walls who had a particularly close relationship with Goldman.

"There are pieces incorporated into the installation items that, if you knew my father, will be very meaningful," Goldman-Srebnick said.

The title of the exhibition is drawn from a quote of Goldman's relating to the concept of emotion being stronger than time, and Goldman will certainly bear a strong presence in the space. Special video imagery will project Goldman's image within points in the gallery, silently greeting visitors and wandering through the space.

"The idea behind the exhibition is that art and spaces create memories and emotions that are stronger than time. It's very dream-like," Goldman-Srebnick explained. "My father has passed... but his legacy has not. It's important to harness and appreciate those memories."

Augmented Reality Application at Wynwood Walls
Soon to be available for download on Android and iPhones, the application will allow visitors to see an augmented reality of selected murals at Wynwood Walls. The interactive augmented realities will be designed in collaboration with the artist of each mural.

"The augmented reality technology is so new and groundbreaking," said Goldman-Srebnick. "That's what my father would expect, and that's what Goldman Properties is and will continue to be."

The first two augmented reality experiences will be revealed at Art Basel, with several more to be unveiled throughout the next year. The application will also offer a digital tour of the Wynwood Walls area before it was transformed by street art, and its gradual changes over time.

The Shop at the Walls
The Shop at the Walls will offer a host of new products that invite visitors to "Come and Dream" with Tony Goldman after they leave Wynwood Walls. A line of "Go-Kits" will be available for purchase, each including a pack of ready-to-use materials meant to inspire art and creativity. A "Go Paint!" kit will include art paper, stencils, spray paint and all the necessary tools to create a unique painting. Kits for flying, dreaming, going to the beach and more will be available to inspire the purchaser in all walks of life, said Goldman-Srebnick.

"The idea is all about inspiring people to get out and do something," she said. "My dad always said, 'Make every day a productive day. Move forward a little bit... or else that day will be gone and you can never get it back."

There will also be a vast new selection of books on street art, as well as quirky artist-designed merchandise, from journals to towels to special prints and more.

Kenny Scharf Garden
A memorial garden for Tony Goldman will be designed by Kenny Scharf, and installed at the site of Scharf's mural at 2219 NW Second Ave. A close friend of Goldman's, Scharf will design the site with the late innovator in mind; the garden will also include a new mural, a fountain, special lighting and special placement of Scharf's legendary 60's Airstream trailer.

All of the new elements will be framed within the extraordinary setting that is Wynwood Walls, with its 40 murals on display to the public.

"It's going to be a extremely special Art Basel for us, and for the neighborhood. We've seen so many extraordinary things happening in Wynwood, and it's just going to get better," said Goldman-Srebnick. "In the words of my father: 'Feed the neighborhood and it will feed you.'"

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