Wizard of Art

Wynwood's eclectic Gallery Diet (174 NW 23rd St., Miami) and Charley Friedman's quixotic vision will whisk you away to a whimsical wonderland. "Magical Powers," Friedman's second solo show at the always-surprising space, features a mixed-media buffet of seductive offerings that incites a belly roll.

On one wall, a plush hand fires a jellybean-colored cascade of space rays toward the heavens. In the center of the gallery, a slowly dripping fountain, confected from a kiddie pool and natural sponges, fills the air with the soothing murmur of a slow-mo waterfall. The startled mugs of a cow and tortoise gawk bemusedly at passersby. And a giant orange beach ball swallows a room in the opposite corner. This Wednesday at 11 a.m., catch Friedman's legerdemain before his baffling enchantment of an exhibition closes. It's one of those rare treats that will leave a smile lingering on your gob long afterward.
Wed., March 3, 11 a.m., 2010
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Carlos Suarez De Jesus