White Noise

"I thought he'd be paler — at least as pale as that CD where he looks like a pedophile." That's Jim Gaffigan, known for his high-pitched, whispered asides. He's quite pale, and he's aware he's quite pale. Self-deprecation is nothing new in comedy, but Gaffigan's stand-up comes with the constant visual reminder that it's funny because it's true. Beyond his popular Comedy Central Presents specials, he's appeared on Flight of the Conchords and Late Night With Conan O'Brien. Armed with only their blinding white skin, he and Coco fight bad guys as the superhero duo Pale Force.

But the pasty poster boy hasn't become a ubiquitous face on television by just poking fun at his unfortunate pallor. His genius is a comedic microscope that breaks down life's truly important issues. He digests high concepts such as bacon, camping, and hot sauce into relatable ideas. "You ever notice people that are really into hot sauce are always challenging you? 'Hey, why don't you get the superhot fire-engine sauce?' Uh, because I don't feel like superhot fire-engine diarrhea."
Sun., April 25, 8 p.m., 2010
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Bryan Falla