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Christopher Hitchens

Was Christopher Hitchens a Cuban Revolutionary?

You might be surprised to hear that

Christopher Hitchens

-- best-selling author and contributing editor for

Vanity Fair --

toiled at a work camp for young revolutionaries in 1968 Cuba. Last week, on

The Daily Show

, he told Jon Stewart that he watched the country become a one-party system while failing at cane-cutting and planting coffee seedlings to diversify the Cuban economy. Hear his thoughts on sexy Cubans and Che Guevara in the above clip. Hitchens is in Miami tonight for an author event sponsored by, who else, Books & Books.

He also shared that he was at the Oxford party where Bill Clinton did

not inhale and that he thinks the best of today's youth are signing up for the military. They are not,

he told Stewart, signing up for his journalism class at NYC's New


Tonight, the self-proclaimed Marxist lush (who admits to drinking in

order to make other people less boring) reads from his memoir,

Hitch-22, at Temple Judea. But what's the man who wrote the atheist manifesto God Is Not

Great doing reading in a temple?

The reading starts at 7:30 p.m., and Temple Judea is located at 5500

Granada Blvd. in Coral Gables. To control crowds, Books & Books

requires that you first purchase a $10 ticket, which  can be

applied to a purchase of his memoir or any other book. Call

305-448-9599 or visit www.booksandbooks.com.

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