Tori Spelling's Twitter Boob Flash: Unintentional Nip Slip or Cheap Publicity Stunt?

In Celebrity C-list news...Tori Spelling's husband, Dean McDermott, celebrated his 45th birthday by tweeting a picture of his wife's breasts.

About eight hours ago, McDermott went Twitter crazy, tweeting a picture of a cute chef's apron that his kids made him for his birthday, a self-portrait in which he dawns a sticker of a saucepan entitled "pothead," and an adorable snapshot of one his children rocking a rolling pin sticker on his head.

But under the veil of juvenile innocence lies Tori Spelling, bare-breasted and potentially lactating.

Were Tori's tits intentionally tweeted, or were they the result of McDermott's birthday blooper? Take our poll and tell us what you think.

See the NSFW version here.

Thankfully, Spelling's son's eyes are closed. Catching a glimpse of his mother's naked breasts could've been traumatizing. Let's just hope he doesn't follow his dad on Twitter.

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