Top 5 Funny Valentine's Day Videos

So you may be spending Valentine’s Day alone, and even if you are not, you need to take a break from all the romanticism. Take a gander at the following videos and enjoy a laugh on us. And if you are alone, don’t despair, things could be worse. You could be suffering the same fate as the saint for whom the day was named. He was beheaded. -- Elvis Ramirez

Love Hurts

I don’t know what’s funnier the fat cupid or the fact that people are being sniped with the arrows. Keep an eye on the guy in the blue long-sleeved shirt, his reaction is one of the best. The music just adds to the comedic effect. The fat cupid laughing at the end is a little creepy, though.

Valentine’s Day Pains

We have all heard the Valentine’s Day rant, but this guy is odd enough that he actually makes it funny. Maybe, it’s the weird eyes or perhaps we just like feeling vindicated for not getting that expensive item our significant other really wanted. If you take this to heart more likely than not you are going to be in the dog house, if it isn’t already your home.

44 Cartoons About Valentine’s

We all know that cartoons are as much a part of Valentine’s as flowers and candy, so here are some twisted animated pieces of work by some twisted people. The one titled “Ex-Girlfriend” speaks volumes for it’s two-second length.

The Nick & Jason LoveStravaganza

Two single, lounge lizard guys appeal to the ladies of YouTube. Do I really need to say more?

My Funny Valentine

This one is for you morbid folk out there. If you like Elvis Costello, bunnies, and a fair amount of blood, then I think you need to seek help, but at least you’ll like this short video.

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