The University of Miami's Delta Gamma Recruitment Video Is Gross

The Delta Gamma sorority at the University of Miami released its 2015 recruitment video Thursday. What do bright-faced gals need to join the ranks? Aviator sunglasses, an endless supply of cut-off shorts, and pearly-white teeth -- at least according to the video.

For more than three minutes, the group of women smiles at the camera and dances, bouncing in fun sisterly bliss on the beach. If not for a couple of flashes of the Delta and UM insignias, you would have no idea these girls were actually in college. In fact, this call for young women views more like a Miami tourism ad, one we've seen time and time again.

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The video plays on to show the women partying it up on a yacht -- because Miami, we suppose. What better way to lure fun, hot girls to your group than bonding on a boat? Fuck books, right? Learning is stupid.

The footage is a slight departure from a 2014 video from the organization, which at least shows what looks like studying and girls gathered around a laptop -- you know, the other part of college -- before all the bikini shots. Those bikini shots are also at least relevant, showing members participating at their yearly Anchor Splash fundraiser that benefits the blind. The women are also shown graduating, traveling, and doing average human stuff that doesn't involve the beach -- all a bit more in keeping with the sorority's motto, "Do good."

In Delta's defense, it's clear most sorority recruitment videos follow the same formula: shots of cheering girls bonding in a decked-out house and dancing somewhere on campus to EDM. But some at least let the women speak, like this Texas A&M effort, which adds a bit of personality to the parade of pretty.

Sure, socializing and partying are a huge part of the college experience. And sororities can be a source of lifelong support and friendship. But this 2015 recruitment video plays right into the general belief that those things are all UM is good for. Maybe this stylized showing of carefree friends would be acceptable if it were a scene from Legally Blonde or The House Bunny. However, in real life, in 2015, it's pretty disheartening.

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Shelly Davidov

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