The Ten Best Ways To Keep Cool in Miami This Summer

Have you been outside lately? It’s sticky and gross, right? What if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? What if we told you there are numerous ways to cool off and stay cool right here in the 305?

It’s true. From unorthodox ice cream to jumping out of the sky, raging through the swamplands and drinking your way through downtown; there are plenty of off-the-beaten-path ways to enjoy yourself this summer. Get out of your routine and get out of the wet, hot mess on one or more of these exciting adventures.

Lulu's Nitrogen Ice Cream
Novelty treats are a solid summer tradition, but the ice cream truck man has got nothing on the latest technological trend. Watch a slippery cup of liquid ingredients explode in a puff of smoke as liquid nitrogen transforms the mix into a creamy semisolid of deliciousness. More nitrogen ice creameries are popping up left and right. Wherever you live, there’s a futuristic store near you.

First Thursdays at PAMM
Air conditioning is a must in SoFla, but sitting around at home is boring. Get in the car or hop on the Metromover and get a healthy dose of culture from the Perez Art Museum Miami. Roam the halls and explore the works of Nicolas Lobo, Iman Issa, and Eugenio Espinoza. Relax in the outside sculpture garden on one of PAMM’s nifty swings, and definitely peruse the futuristic wares of the gift shop. The first Thursday offers free admission all day long, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Brew Bus Miami
Heat makes a body thirsty, and while it’s important to stay properly hydrated, a little crisp, cold craft beer never hurt anybody (when enjoyed responsibly, of course). Get to know the breweries in your own backyard on one of two wonderful Brew Bus tours. Highway to Hops brings you to Funky Buddha Brewery, LauderAle, and Wynwood Brewery for $65 a head. Expressway to Brews stops at Miami Club Rum, J Wakefeild Brewing, and M.I.A. Brewing for $60 a person. Tours run every Saturday from 11 am to 5 p.m., and Sunday at special request. There’s time to make it to both before summer ends.

Biscayne National Park Snorkeling Excursions
Too often do locals let the natural beauty of Miami remain a tourist treasure. Have you explored the natural reefs along our coast? There’s a tropical paradise of epic proportion just waiting to be discovered and appreciated. When you see the stunning beauty, you’ll be moved to protect it. Biscayne National Park offers a variety of excursion packages for the seafaring adventurer in you. Get out there, and get underwater, and get ready to be blown away.

Airboat the Everglades
Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin while taking in the sights of a place like no other. The Everglades is an ecosystem unique to the world, and while it is in constant danger, the greatest way to be moved to save it is to enjoy it firsthand. Alligators, egrets, turtles, snakes, and mangroves abound as you whip through the water at top speeds of 50 mph. There are plenty of options for your airboat experience, from Everglades City to Coopertown and beyond, so do some comparison shopping and find the company for you. Whatever you choose, the sights will be beautiful and your connection to nature will be complete.

Laserland Adventure
Tap into your inner child, or bring along some actual children that you know, and run out all your energy in the dark, cold environment of a massive lasertag arena. Wednesday through Sunday, Laserland Adventure in Doral brings futuristic fun with state of the art technology and a plethora of arcade-style games. Pretty soon, they’re adding an artificial ice skating rink, which is even cooler. Stay tuned.

We live in a beautiful city. Why not see it from the top down? This is more than just feeling the wind. This is like, becoming the wing. The adrenaline rush itself will cool you down a couple temps, and the experience is something you won’t forget for the rest of your life. There are bases in Coral Gables, west of Kendall, or south by Homestead. Choose your adventure and see who of your friends will take the big leap.

Homestead Fruit Picking
Alright, so picking fruit requires you to be outside in the sun, but what is more refreshing than something sweet right from the vine? Homestead features tons of U Pick options, from Knaus Berry Farm (with those amazing cinnamon buns) to Burr’s Berry Farm, Redland, Sweet Delights, and more. Most of these places only feature a crop or two, but they usually include farmer’s markets for more variety. Either way, you’re not going home hungry, and you’ll have plenty of fresh fruits and veggies for later.

Miami Marlins
Let’s go out to the ballgame, y’all. Tickets aren’t expensive and they built that giant stadium, you might as well use it. Don’t you want to see the giant marlin tank behind home plate? Don’t you want to see the dancing girls at the Clevelander? Don’t you want some peanuts and cracker jacks? Kids love sports, grown-ass adults love drinking and sports. Get out there and root for the home team.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Gravity is overrated. Beat the heat by jumping off the floor, the walls, and every surface imaginable in this indoor trampoline park of epic proportions. It’s half workout, half party as you and your friends do the popcorn, try some tricks, or just stumble around like goofballs. Jump and flip your way into the foam cube pit, and be sure to leave your inhibitions at the door.
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