The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

For the past few years, I have woken up every Friday morning before the crack of dawn to deliver your weekend guide to you. Wasted Thursday nights, vacations, severe jet lag, living on the other side of the country for a little while, and plain old laziness has never stopped me from giving to you one of the most important things on our site.

If you're asking, yes, I want my damn cookie :p

And so, it is with bittersweet emotion that I give you my last weekend dispatch from Cultist. May you have all the booze, all the fun, and all the thrills that writing each weekend guide has given me.

Because, yes, writing weekend guides gives me booze.

Here are the ten best things to do this weekend, Miami.


Jake Miller: A homegrown boy and he even goes to UM!

Kurt Vile and the Violators: We'll all be Walkin on a Pretty Daze tonight.

Psychic Mirrors: So, the mirrors can see what they're going to see before they see it? Whaaaaaaat?

Rib Fest: Y'all... ribs. RIBS.


Helen Fielding: Have any questions about where Bridget Jones is now? She's the woman to ask.

Flamenco Jazz Tribute: Wasn't every girl a flamenco dancer at one point for Halloween?

NERVO: Did you know these two girls co-wrote When Love Takes Over with David Guetta?


The Great Grove Bed Race: Move a bed like you've never imagined.

Heat v. Wizards: This is all that matters.

John Legend: Waiting for him to realize that he's marrying us one day.

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