The Ten Best Events at Florida Supercon 2014

Geeks unite! This weekend marks our yearly pilgrimage to Florida Supercon, a four-day festival highlighting comics, video games, anime, sci-fi, and all other manner of geekdom. We had a chance to pore over the jam-packed schedule (we're talking almost 1,000 events according to the FAQ) and picked out ten of the events you will NOT want to miss.

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10. Heroes of Cosplay Panel

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If the Heroes of Cosplay episode at Animate! Miami left you hungry for more, you're in luck. Show star Miggy Jagger and local cosplay folks are going to let you in on some of the behind-the-scenes chisme from that episode's production. (Friday, 4:15pm, PANEL ROOM A)

9. Keeping It Local: Game Development in Miami

We chronicled the burgeoning Miami game development scene before--now's your chance to dive deeper. Local developers take the stage to talk about why Miami may just become the new hottest city in game development, and how you can be a part of it! (Sunday, 7:00pm, ROOM C227/C228)

8. The "Original" Power Rangers Q&A

Next stop on the Nostalgia Train: The Power Rangers show so many of us grew up on. Four of the original cast members (Austin St. John (Red), Karan Ashley (Yellow), David Yost (Blue), and Walter Jones (Black)) take the stage for a one-of-a-kind reunion for the ages. It's Morphin' time--and time for you to ask all those burning questions about Alpha you've been holding onto for over 20 years. Feel old yet? (Saturday, 12:15pm, Main Events Stage, Hall C)

7. The Shimmy Shake Revue: Nerd Burlesque Show (18+)

That's right. Nerd. Burlesque. Nerdlesque, if you will. The Shimmy Shake Revue burlesque troupe delivers three nights of nerd-themed thrills. Friday night is dedicated to Star Wars, while Sunday's shimmy fest is all about DC Comics. Saturday night's theme? It's top secret for now--you'll just have to go check out the tassel twirlin' gals yourself to find out. (Friday, 10:30 pm, Flamingo Ballroom 3; Saturday, 9:30 pm and Sunday, 8:00 pm, Flamingo Ballroom 4)

6. Fushu Daiko--Live Japanese Taiko Drumming

This year, Supercon has done away with bands, but that doesn't mean that there isn't any music to be had. Sunday features performances by Fushu Daiko, a group specializing in the rhythmic movement of Japanese taiko drumming. This group's been around for over two decades, so they know their stuff. It's a great way to get a little culture in while you're getting your knowledge on. (Sunday, 4:15 pm/5:15 pm/6:15 pm, Main Events Stage, Hall C)

5. All Star Charity Art & Memorabilia Auction

Here's your chance to get some sweet loot, all while helping kids in need. This auction will feature memorabilia and art from many of the artists in attendance, with the proceeds going to Kids in Distress, the official charity of Florida Supercon. For more info on the charity, visit KidInc.org. (Saturday, 6:15 pm, Flamingo Ballroom 4)

4. Jason Momoa & Esme Bianco: The Game of Thrones Q&A

(This post is dark and full of spoilers--but not really, unless you're, like, a couple of seasons behind.)

Game of Thrones withdrawal is REAL, folks. Thankfully, the old gods and the new have smiled upon us and given us a chance to see a couple of our favorite dearly departed characters. Jason Momoa and Esme Bianco will talk Thrones as well as let us know what's next for them after their...untimely Westerosi departures. (Sunday, 11:00 am, Main Events Stage, Hall C)

3. Caroll Spinney Q&A

Name doesn't ring a bell? How does a Q&A with the man behind freakin' Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch strike you? The guy is a living legend, having performed as the iconic characters since 1969, along with being one of Elmo's original puppeteers. You owe it to yourself to hear him talk about his history on the show, and ask him questions of your own---but please, don't try and be cute by asking him how to get to Sesame Street. He probably hates that. (Friday, 2:15 pm, Main Events Stage, Hall C)

2. So You Think You Can Twerk: Convention Style (18+)

Don't think that, just because you're going to a geek convention, you're missing out on a night at the club. When I tell you this convention has everything, I mean: It. Has. Everything. Including a twerk competition. Come pop, lock, and drop it in your cosplay finest, or be part of the scrutinizing public judging the competition. (Saturday, 11:15 pm, Room D233, Panel Room D)

1. All of the Cosplay Competitions

Alright, we cheated--this entry is multiple events in one. There are actually four cosplay competitions, one for each day of the convention, each with a different theme. Thursday night's contest is 18+ for entrants and is all about heroines and villainesses. Friday's Masquerade contest requires a performance in addition to a sweet outfit. Saturday is the main event, with over $5,000 in cash and prizes at stake. Sunday's competition is open to everyone, whether you made your own outfit or not--just come on up and strut your stuff! (Thursday, 11:00 pm, Flamingo Ballroom 3; Friday, 8:45 pm, Flamingo Ballroom 4; Saturday, 7:45 pm, Main Events Stage, Hall C; Sunday, 6:30 pm, Flamingo Ballroom 4)

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