Anika and Will are recent Real World stars. Are you next?
Anika and Will are recent Real World stars. Are you next?
Courtesy of MTV

The Real World Is Holding a Miami Casting Call This Saturday

Ever turned to your BFF and said, “OMG, you should totally be on a reality show.”

Well, here's their chance.

MTV’s The Real World is on the hunt for some new roommates, hoping to find someone special in the 305. The iconic show, now 32 seasons deep since its 1992 debut, will hold a casting call this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Burger & Beer Joint in Brickell.

Just think: You could be the one hooking up with hotties galore. Or maybe you’ll find a life partner. Perhaps you just want to enjoy a bunch of booze? Or, on the darker side, you could have a massive meltdown like Brooke LaBarbera did back in ’06.

So many options, folks.

According to a recent press release, The Real World is being rebirthed by MTV Studios and Facebook Watch for three seasons starting in spring 2019.

So how do you apply and get this ball rolling? Pro tip: If you don’t like waiting, you’ll want to complete some steps ahead of Saturday’s event.

First, head to RealWorldCasting.MTV.com and fill out a short bio form. From there, you’ll receive an appointment time for Saturday and a long-form application. If you show up on Saturday without having done these things, your wait time will be longer.

There are three items you’ll need to bring with you: the completed version of that long-form application, some recent candid photographs you’ll leave with casting directors (a little personality never hurts, people), and a copy of a photo ID showing your date of birth.

Sorry, kiddos, you must be 21 years old by March 2019 to apply.

Other cities hosting casting calls include Chicago today and L.A. tomorrow. But this is Florida, a state with way more interesting characters destined for Real World fame.

The Real World Casting Call – Miami. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday at Burger & Beer Joint Brickell, 900 S. Miami Ave., Miami; bmpcasting.com.

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