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The Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

The Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend
Photo by Karli Evans
There's the self you present at work that can formulate a firm yet polite, professional email. Then there's the self you let out on the weekend. Let that second identity celebrate medical marijuana, dress like Boy George, or carry around a bottle of Hennessy for the next three days — it's that self's only time to shine, after all.


Miami Cannabis Walk at Mana Wynwood
Though Miami's path to marijuana legalization has had its setbacks, many cities nationwide have accepted the medical use of weed. To get the Magic City on the same page, the Miami Cannabis Walk is organizing a day of education with lawyers, doctors, and people with experience using the herb as medicine. Proceeds from the walk will be donated to a half-dozen medical foundations that have promised to further their research into the benefits of cannabis. After the walk, a concert will feature Oscar G, Otto Von Schirach, and others.
Courtesy of Cirque Du Soleil
Ovo at American Airlines Arena
Just because you've brutally murdered millions of ants, roaches, and other tiny critters in your house doesn't mean you can't appreciate the poetry of a bug's life. And if that prospect sounds impossible, buy a ticket to Cirque du Soleil's Ovo. The world-famous showcase of circus arts is bringing the teeming world of insects to human-size proportions in performances that include aerial dance, contortions, acrobatics, and the beautiful set design and costumes we've come to expect from more than 40 years of Cirque's excellence.

Questlove at Floyd
The El Clásico soccer match between Real Madrid and Barcelona has brought a Super Bowl-esque lineup of events to Miami, with star power to match. Roots drummer, DJ, and quintessentially cool artist Questlove is in town for the game, but he'll also take his talents to Floyd, the Miami venue with a chill vibe to match that of the man himself.
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Photo by Chris Carter
'80s Flashback Fest at Churchill's Pub
Break out your strongest hairspray and ripped-up fishnet stockings — not only is '80s Flashback Fest bringing back the tunes of your favorite glam-rock and power-ballad icons, but it's also hosting a costume contest that could earn you a crisp Benjamin. More than 20 bands are scheduled to play on three stages throughout the night, but we all know you're going there to smoke cigarettes, wear leather, and pretend the past 35 years never happened.


Nuclear Valdez at Churchill's Pub
For many of the musicians and fans who frequented Miami rock shows in the late '80s and throughout the '90s, Nuclear Valdez remains one of the city's greatest "What if?" stories. The band teetered on the edge of nationwide fame before grunge broke big, shattering the traditional rock landscape. But it's still the stuff of legend here at home. Almost two decades after they parted ways as a band, the members of Nuclear Valdez have returned with a vinyl collection of previously unreleased demos, Present From the Past. Hear the new stuff and the '80s classics during the guys' homecoming gig at Churchill's.

Creative District Event V at Mana Wynwood
Miami's underground hip-hop scene is wildly undercelebrated and thus not the easiest for a music fanatic to explore. Xlaced is hosting the Creative District Event V at the massive Mana Wynwood warehouse, opening a window and ushering you into this world of rich prose and well-placed beats. They're showcasing Miami's best as well as artists such Atlanta fashion plate Young Thug, who recently released the genre-bending Beautiful Thugger Girls. He'll perform alongside Famous Dex, Ice Berg, Spaceghostpurpp, and others in this daylong art and music fest.
Photo by George Schiavone
Informed Consent at GableStage at the Biltmore
Some people have decided that if given the opportunity, they would change their child's genetics in the womb to provide them certain advantages. Conceived brunette? Blondes have more fun! Conceived female? Male is easier! Though manipulating genetics seems a lot like playing God, that's hardly the concern of the hero of Informed Consent, a genetic anthropologist whose preoccupation with her chromosomes leads her into dangerous territory. The play is a philosophical conundrum presented in the context of her personal story.

La Petite Haiti Culture Walk at Little Haiti Cultural Center
Though not pristine like the Gables and without the fine beaches of South Beach, Little Haiti has its own genuine Miami flavor that must be tasted. Bright, weird, and authentic, it is a neighborhood to be celebrated. HistoryMiami Museum's La Petite Haiti Culture Walk will let you do just that with a tour of the Haitian diasporic experience under the guidance of Monique Alfonso. There's nothing petite about the creative Creole goodness going on at these tour spots: Little Haiti Cultural Center, Libreri Mapou Creole, and Caribbean Marketplace.

My Father's Land at O Cinema Wynwood
Ayitri Images is highlighting films about the Haitian experience this summer in partnership with Miami Book Fair's ReadCaribbean initiative. Their latest screening, My Father's Land, is the story of Papa Jah, a 64-year-old Haitian expat living in the Bahamas who risks losing the ability to return to his home of 46 years if he visits his ailing father back in Haiti. The documentary will be paired with the short film Purgatorio, an examination of the Dominican Republic's treatment of Dominicans of Haitian descent.
Photo by Soletron / Flickr

Raekwon at Churchill's Pub
Just like Wu-Tang Clan has always been nothing to fuck with, neither can you fuck with one of its most beloved members, Raekwon. Corey Woods, AKA Raekwon the Chef, started his solo career in 1995. He has maintained the credibility of his early career, putting out his own albums and launching a label, IceH20 Records. He just released Wild on that imprint and will be headed to the intimate Churchill's in Little Haiti with DJs Heron and Klassik to bring some of the best hip-hop has to offer to a dirty but delightful Miami stage.

Henny Ting Can Happen at Cafeina
If you really want to dance like you're from Miami, showing the world how every single muscle in your legs and behind work, it might not always be easy to find the sound that suits your style. Henny Ting Can Happen is the party that will provide the sounds and tastes integral to your display of moves. The party will feature sounds by Eccentrix, Dr. Esan, DJ Bre, and Iron Heart, and you can also get a bottle of Hennessy with your entrance ($75 for the reasonably sized one, $125 for two) at Cafeina in Wynwood. It may be just the steamy hookup on the dance floor your body needs.

Prince Royce at Bayfront Park Amphitheater
The Bronx provided pop culture with not only the great Jennifer Lopez but also Prince Royce. The singer-songwriter began penning tunes and poetry in high school, and today the 28-year-old is touring the country, crooning for the masses. His Five tour, touting his most recent release of the same name, is coming to Bayfront Park Amphitheater and bringing Luis Coronel with it. You'll be standing by him with his bachata version of "Stand by Me" and have your heart pumping to "Corazón sin Cara."
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