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The Five Best Bowling Alleys in Miami

Basement Miami
Basement Miami Photo by Jordan Krate
Many of us used to bowl on weekends when we were younger, only because we weren’t cool enough for the popular kids' parties or old enough for the bars and clubs. Remember Cosmic Bowling? Don’t act like you don’t. Now, ironically, many of us bowl on weekends as an alternative to the same ol' bars and clubs, and also because bowling has become, dare we say it, cool — so cool, in fact, that trendy bowling alleys are popping up all over the country. And unlike at the bowling alleys of yesteryear, you won’t regret eating at these newer spots.

That’s not to say there isn’t a place for the dingy bowling alleys of our childhoods. Some prefer no-frills bowling that doesn’t involve a dress code or pricey cocktails.

From the fanciest frames to the down and dirty lanes, these are the best bowling alleys in South Florida.
click to enlarge Kings Doral - COURTESY OF KINGS
Kings Doral
Courtesy of Kings
1. Kings Dining and Entertainment. It’s good to be Kings. The 20,000-square-foot bowling alley in Doral has just about everything you could ask for, with 14 lanes and plenty of amenities you never knew you needed. A private karaoke suite? Nice! A rum room with a curated list of 30 rums and a humidor for cigars? Sure. There’s a big emphasis on food, which is why Kings likes to think of itself as a restaurant first and entertainment venue second. Just look at the name of the place. The option-heavy menu includes vegetarian dishes such as buffalo wings made of cauliflower (AKA Vings) and Instagram-worthy desserts like the chocolate chip cookie dough mega shake. You also might want to consider the 64-ounce pitchers of Moscow mule or mojito while waiting for a bowling lane. Wait times have been known to get up to three hours. 3450 NW 83rd Ave., Doral; 844-494-9400;
click to enlarge Basement Miami - PHOTO BY WORLD REDEYE
Basement Miami
Photo by World RedEye
2. Basement Miami. For the Miami-est bowling experience, there’s the four-lane bowling alley in Basement Miami nightclub. The balls are luminescent, the shoes were custom designed by artists, the lighting synchronizes with each bowler’s movements and the drinks aren’t exactly cheap. Hell, the bowling alley is so Miami that Pitbull filmed a music video there. Basement Miami is also a favorite hangout for Drake, who has been known to rent out the joint when in town. But don’t let all that intimidate you. There’s a more playful vibe here than you’ll typically find in Miami Beach. At Basement’s National Bowling Day celebration, for example, The Big Lebowski will be shown on the projector screen and, appropriately enough, white Russians will be available for $10. Show up in a robe and you’ll be drinking slushies for free all night. “The Dude” would abide. 2901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 786-257 4548;

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